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Iran’s new President has a past mired in controversy


Library removes Kazemi photos after complaint

Save live of Leila

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IRAN SOS >>         STOP die Unterdruckung, Folter und Hinrichtung im IRAN ! Freiheit für alle politischen Gefangenen im IRAN ! 

Iran appoints new deputy Judiciary Chief    Mon. 26 Sep 2005

Iran jails dissident student leader    Mon. 26 Sep 2005

Iran flogs, publicly hangs young man by riverside    Sun. 25 Sep 2005

Man hanged in northern Iran    Sun. 25 Sep 2005  

UN nuclear body passes EU resolution on Iran    Sat. 24 Sep 2005

Clashes erupt in oil-rich southern Iran city    Mon. 19 Sep 2005

Opposition demands Iran referred to Security Council    Mon. 19 Sep 2005


Iran police makes 1600 arrests in Tehran crackdown    Sun. 18 Sep 2005

 1,280 “hooligans” arrested in Iran capital: Deputy police commander    Sat. 17 Sep 2005

Man publicly hanged in southern Iran town    Sat. 17 Sep 2005

Iran hangs youth in central Iran prison    Sat. 17 Sep 2005

300 tyre workers protest irregular work patterns    Sat. 17 Sep 2005

Brick mill workers protest in central Iran    Sat. 17 Sep 2005


Iran hangs man in central city prison    Thu. 15 Sep 2005

Iranian exiles protest "terrorist" Ahmadinejad at UN    Wed. 14 Sep 2005


172 “trouble-makers” prosecuted in Iran capital – daily    Wed. 14 Sep 2005

Iran police round up hundreds in Tehran crackdown    Tue. 13 Sep 2005


Special Photo Report – Crackdown in Iran capital    Tue. 13 Sep 2005

Iran hangs young man in public for teenage crime    Tue. 13 Sep 2005

Iran to hang 19-year-old mother    Mon. 12 Sep 2005

A founder of Iran’s secret police now chief nuclear negotiator    Sun. 11 Sep 2005

Iran’s regular army gets new chief as reshuffle goes on    Sun. 11 Sep 2005

Iran’s women lose jobs despite competence    Sun. 11 Sep 2005

Four political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran    Sun. 11 Sep 2005

Iran says arrested trouble-makers will not be released    Sat. 10 Sep 2005

200 security checkpoints set up across Iran capital    Sat. 10 Sep 2005

Iran says women unfit to manage restaurants    Fri. 9 Sep 2005

Islamic vigilantes assist police in cracking down on dissent    Thu. 8 Sep 2005

500 protestors attack government buildings in northwest Iran    Thu. 8 Sep 2005

Workers blockade main road in southwest Iran town    Thu. 8 Sep 2005


Two Kurdish activists hanged in prison in Iran    7 Sep 2005

Iran launches 20-day crackdown    Wed. 7 Sep 2005

Iran to speed up flogging of women for “bad” veil    Tue. 6 Sep 2005

International spotlight vexes Iran’s police chief    Tue. 6 Sep 2005

Iran sentences woman to flogging and jail, man to execution    Tue. 6 Sep 2005

Revolutionary Guards commander given key security post    Mon. 5 Sep 2005

Iran’s former police chief becomes new Tehran mayor    Sun. 4 Sep 2005

Man hanged in Iran’s restive south-east    Sun. 4 Sep 2005

Iran police to step up crackdown on women    Sun. 4 Sep 2005

Iran indicts 48 Kurds after unrest    Sat. 3 Sep 2005

In Tehran, a sombre crowd recalls Iran’s worst 20th century massacre    Sat. 3 Sep 2005

 Iran: Tehran police chief says crackdown going ahead as planned    Fri. 2 Sep 2005

Warnung an Österreich Sicherheitdirektion

   Wir haben erfahren, dass Herr Dr. Assar Alireza, ein iranischer Physiker

Ex U.S. hostages confirm Iran president’s role in embassy siege    Fri. 26 Aug 2005

7boys under-18 executed in Iran since January: Amnesty    Thu. 25 Aug 2005

 Swedish police probe murder of dissident Iran Kurd    Thu. 25 Aug 2005

 Iran police arrest Kurdish activist in restive city    Thu. 25 Aug 2005


17-year-old musician to be hanged in Iran capital    Wed. 24 Aug 2005

Iran to hang 16-year-old schoolboy    Wed. 24 Aug 2005

Iran’s new elite army chief had Lebanese terror ties    Wed. 24 Aug 2005

Iran’s new defence minister may impact Iraqi insurgency    Wed. 24 Aug 2005

Iran town’s jail has 30 prisoners on death row    Wed. 24 Aug 2005

Iran hangs four men aged between 17 and 23    Tue. 23 Aug 2005

New roundups in Iran as hard-liners crack down    Sat. 20 Aug 2005

Iran’s new Justice Minister vows harsher crackdown on women    Sat. 20 Aug 2005

Young man hanged in Iran prison    Thu. 18 Aug 2005

Mr.Mohammad Ali Zahedi

Mr.Hosein Pouyan

An: Die Irakische Botschaft Wien Österreich

Iran civil servants protest for overdue wages    Wed. 17 Aug 2005

 Iran student on trial for "acting against national security"    Wed. 17 Aug 2005

Iran judiciary official claims slain youth beat himself    Wed. 17 Aug 2005

Iran police use teargas to disperse protesters    Mon. 15 Aug 2005

Iran accuses human rights lawyer of spying    Mon. 15 Aug 2005


Man hanged in central Iran    Sun. 14 Aug 2005

Iran hardliners attack British embassy during demo    Sun. 14 Aug 2005

 18of Iran’s 21 new ministers hail from Revolutionary Guards, secret police    Sun. 14 Aug 2005

Iran to flog dissidents for anti-government protest    Thu. 11 Aug 2005

Iran to hang young woman for teenage crime    Thu. 11 Aug 2005

Three drug traffickers hanged in Iran: report    Wed. 10 Aug 2005

Security tight at Kurdish town on strike in Iran    Sun. 7 Aug 2005

Canada threatens Iran with UN action on rights record    Fri. 5 Aug 2005

Hunger-striking political prisoners in Iran maltreated - report    Thu. 4 Aug 2005

String of arrests in volatile Kurdish towns in Iran    Thu. 4 Aug 2005

Kurdish women’s rights activist arrested in Iran    Thu. 4 Aug 2005


World editorial round-up on Iran    Thu. 4 Aug 2005

 11 die in northwest Iran clashes    Wed. 3 Aug 2005

Iran police fire on Kurdish protesters from chopper    Wed. 3 Aug 2005


Iran Revolutionary Guards’ brutality against Kurds backfires    Wed. 3 Aug 2005

Protesters clash with security forces in Iran’s Kurdish town    Wed. 3 Aug 2005

Iran “anti-vice police” arrest 15 in party raid    Tue. 2 Aug 2005

Police shoot dead protesters in northwest Iran    Tue. 2 Aug 2005

Adolescent serial killer hanged in Iran: report    Mon. 1 Aug 2005

Iran’s Nobel laureate highlights plight of political prisoners    Sun. 31 Jul 2005

Iran lawyer for slain journalist takes refuge to avoid arrest    Sat. 30 Jul 2005


Iran Kurds stage new protest as unrest continues    Sat. 30 Jul 2005

 Iran dissident 'cannot see wife'    Fri. 29 Jul 2005

Iran’s judiciary refuses to pardon jailed journalist    Fri. 29 Jul 2005

Iran police raid home of slain Canadian journalist’s lawyer    Thu. 28 Jul 2005

U.S.: Iranian Cadre Training Hezbollah    28 Jul 2005

Iran's president-elect was leader of movement behind 1979 hostage crisis - White House    Thu. 28 Jul 2005


Woman protestor killed by Iran’s security forces in Kurdish town    28 Jul 2005

Man hanged in Iran’s southern port city    27 Jul 2005

Tories slam Liberal 'silence' in Kazemi death, demand tough stand with Iran    26 Jul 2005

Kazemi was deliberately killed, says Iran's Ebadi    25 Jul 2005

UK issues damning report on human rights abuses in Iran    24 Jul 2005  

Iran acknowledges widespread prison abuses 24 Jul 2005

 Iran's Nobel winner warns of jailed writer'shealth    24 Jul 2005

Public execution for the teenagers convicted of rape    Fri. 22 Jul 2005

Laureate condemns hanging of Iranian boys    23 Jul 2005

Rights group censures Iran for execution of minors    22 Jul 2005

Iran’s Kurdish city under de facto martial law    Thu. 21 Jul 2005

Dutch diplomat sheds light on notorious Iran prison    Thu. 21 Jul 2005

Political uncertainty brings jitters to Iran markets    Thu. 21 Jul 2005


An interview with Iran’s new nuclear chief    Thu. 21 Jul 2005

Press Release from Iranian Refugees’ Alliance, Inc.

Refugees take Turkey to International Court

Iran Majlis deputies endorse execution of minor    20 Jul 2005

Clashes erupt in Iran capital’s slums    Wed. 20 Jul 2005


Ultra-conservative daily accuses Iran’s Nobel laureate of murder plot    Wed. 20 Jul 2005

Tehran, Berlin spar over new Iran President’s terror links    Wed. 20 Jul 2005


Turkey releases bombing suspect under pressure from Iran    Tue. 19 Jul 2005


Iran lambastes German minister for linking Ahmadinejad with terrorism    Tue. 19 Jul 2005

Video film Report from Mullas Terrorist training School in Iran

To Show klik the  photo plz

Iran hangs under-18 adolescent in



Qods Force commander slain in Iran capita

Iran hangs man in public square    14 Jul 2005

Photos of Kurdish man killed by security forces in northwest Iran    13 Jul 2005


Judiciary continues to stall in Kazemi case, two years after her death    8 Jul 2005

Man publicly hanged in northwest Iran    7 Jul 2005

Three men publicly hanged in northeast Iran    6 Jul 2005

Violent raid on Iran’s political prisoners reported    6 Jul 2005

Husband and wife hanged in central Iran prison    5 Jul 2005

Iran human rights a priority for EU under UK presidency    1 Jul 2005

Hungerstreik  iranischer AsylbewerberInnen

 in der Türkei

Aufruf zum Stop der Deportationen von  iranischen Flüchtlingen in der Türkei in den Iran


 Offener Brief an Fa. Hofer : Schluss mit dem Geschäft mit Mullah´s Terroristen im IRAN


Aufruf zum Solidarität mit iranischer Bewegung


IRAN SOS>>> بدون هيچ قيد و شرطى تمامى  زندانيان سياسى را آزاد كنيد   ! 


 Mullahs Atomic Power

“Iran is close to a nuclear bomb”
An interview with a defector from Iran’s secretive nuclear establishment

Iran importing extra-durable steel for nukes – exile group    Thu. 28 Jul 2005

Hilfe für Iran

Iran SOS hat seit März sein Büro im WUK

Von : Jürgen Plank


Evidence about the widespread, planned and Systematic violation of Human Rights

The summary of monthly reports 2005













Evidence about the widespread, planned and Systematic violation of Human Rights

The summary of monthly reports 2004













List of Victims of the Mullahs Regime Terrorist Activity Abord 1979 - 1996

Brief an Hr. Dr. Pilz

Video Chlips Stop the Execution in Iran

Viele Asylbewerber stellen mehr als einen Antrag

In Namen der Freiheit










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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