Petition: Stop the abuse of asylum by the Iranian refugees

03.07.2015 -To : EU Parliament & UNHCR

Stop the abuse of asylum by the Iranien refugees
Ladies and gentlemen,
During the 36 years of religious dictatorship in Iran, millions of the Iranians left their homeland because of oppression and migrated abroad seeking their asylums.
There are people among the refugees who migrated to Europe with some other objectives.

However, on their first arrival to Europe they declared that because of ethnic and religious discriminations/ intolerance or membership in a political or social groups, are prosecuted by the Iranian regime and seek for asylum.

Unfortunately, many of them after short time contact the agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in different countries and after receiving the Iranian passports, travel to Iran to visit or even to do business and then return to Europe.
Thus, their actions are contrary to the claims they made upon arrival to Europe.

They had claimed that they are prosecuted by the Iranian regime and were threatened of being imprisoned, tortured and even were convicted to death.

It should be noted that some of these people who travel back and forth to Iran, willingly or unwillingly end up cooperating with the Ministry Of Information and Security (MOIS).
This indicates that the given reasons for being a refugee were not true from the beginning and the asylum of such people should be repealed.

According to the Geneva conventions and the New York protocol, if a refugee seeks asylum because of being prosecuted for racial and religious discriminations/ intolerance or being a member of political or social group and after being accepted as refugees and if they return to the country that had its citizenship, the asylum of such people will not be applied.

It should be noted that every time these people were protested by the other Iranians who were exiled, but by using the violence they insisted to keep doing this.
Unfortunately, some of the European countries have provided a legal ground to provoke that kind of opportunism.

We, the people who signed this letter, are asking the European Union’s officials and the members of the European parliament to put an immediate and necessary steps to prevent such abuse.
We kindly ask you to investigate the cases of these people and cancel their asylum and we want the European countries to include the deportation of these people to Iran in their agenda.

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