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Braving dangerous waters, Iranians seek a better life in Britain

Iranian asylum seeker Fardin Gholami poses for a photograph in Liverpool, Britain January 14, 2019. Picture taken January 14, 2019. REUTERS/Andrew Yates

JANUARY 23, 2019 – LIVERPOOL (Reuters) -Bozorgmehr Sharafedin – The traffickers told Fardin Gholami that a fishing boat would take him from France to England at midnight, but when he and five other Iranian asylum seekers got to the beach, all they found was an inflatable dinghy with nobody to sail it.

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Petition: Stop the abuse of asylum by the Iranian refugees

03.07.2015 -To : EU Parliament & UNHCR

Stop the abuse of asylum by the Iranien refugees
Ladies and gentlemen,
During the 36 years of religious dictatorship in Iran, millions of the Iranians left their homeland because of oppression and migrated abroad seeking their asylums.
There are people among the refugees who migrated to Europe with some other objectives.

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