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Oil Industry Strikes Gain Support Across Iran, Raising Prospect of Confrontation with State

June 29, 2021—The continuation of strikes in Iran’s critical oil and petrochemical facilities—not seen on this scale for more than four decades—and the massive show of support from workers in other sectors, may well be a turning point in the history of Iran’s labor protests. Read more

Ebrahim Raisi is Guilty of Gross Human Rights Violations

June 19, 2021—As Ebrahim Raisi ascends to the presidency in Iran, after a sham election in which almost all other candidates were disqualified, the international community should closely monitor the human rights situation in the country given the seating of a man who is guilty of crimes against humanity. Read more

To: Supreme Leader of Iran, President of Islamic Republic of Iran

June 17.2021- HRW – CC: Judiciary, Supreme Council of Cyberspace, Supreme National Security Council, Cyber Police (FATA), Working Group to Determine Instances of Criminal Content, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Information Technology Organization, Telecommunication Infrastructure Company, Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA), Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Read more

Narges Mohammadi Attacked and Threatened Twice in Past Week by State Agents

Iran Should Stop Assaulting, Threatening Peaceful Activists

June 17, 2021 – Iranian authorities should stop physically assaulting, harassing and threatening peaceful activists in Iran, including the prominent rights defender Narges Mohammadi, who told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) that she fears for her life after being twice violently confronted by unidentified state security agents in less than a week. Read more

Family of Executed Wrestler Seeks Supreme Court Review

Ghost of Navid Afkari Haunts Judiciary Chief’s Election Bid

June 15, 2021 – One week before Iranian Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi runs virtually uncontested for president, the family of Navid Afkari—a wrestler who was executed under Raisi’s watch—has filed a supreme court petition seeking a judicial review of the cases against him and his two brothers.

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