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Human Rights Day 2012 – Reflecting on the Dire Circumstances of Lawyers in Iran

To claim that the Islamic legal system is not capable of integrating these scientific achievements and cannot arm itself with new weapons, is a catastrophe that must be averted with utmost vigilance and awareness…Behind the veil of legal words, there is a spirit which must be discovered and recognized and strived to achieve. Content must never be sacrificed for the sake of form and the end must not be sacrificed for the means…
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Human Rights Day 2012 Every Voice Counts

As we celebrate Human Rights Day this year, the Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation (ABF) joins the United Nations in emphasizing the importance of the rights of all people to be able to express themselves freely. Help support the work of ABF and give a voice to the thousands of Iranians silenced by leaders who cannot tolerate dissent.
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