Unite to fight violence against women!

2016.11.18 – We, women have all experienced the wounds of violence. At home, in school and in society, from the moment that we have come to know ourselves as the second gender, as a woman, violence has entered our lives – daily violence that appears to be natural, always with some kind of cultural, traditional, psychological, biological, legal or religious justification. Even we ourselves who have been the target of violence have become used to it. The violence is not only an act damaging our bodies and endangering our lives.

Violence against women is not limited to rape, beatings, or the sale of children as “brides” or to female genital mutilation, it cannot be reduced to batons and bullets, to fist or whips, to acid attacks or burning, it also means being ignored, discounted, insulted, despised or harassed is also violence, going on the nerves is violence too. Even undergoing plastic surgery to modify ourselves to conform to the standards of beauty set by patriarchal society, this too is a form of violence.

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