Saeid Rezaie transferred back to prison from hospital despite needing aftercare

Saeid Rezaie

8 August 2013 – Committee of Human Rights Reporters – Saeid Rezaie, one of seven imprisoned Baha’i leaders was hospitalized 2 weeks ago due to his gastrointestinal disorder, and was transferred back to Rajai Shahr prison on August 7th.

According to CHRR, after Mr. Rezaie underwent an array of tests in the medical facility, the physicians realized that he is also inflicted with heart issues with blockage in over 70% of his coronary artery. He underwent emergency heart surgery and the physicians ordered one month of after care in a quite and suitable location. Ignoring the doctor’s orders for post-op care, officials transferred Saeid Rezaie back to Rajai Shahr prison on August 7th.
Saeid Rezaie is an agricultural engineer, scholar and author who is one of the seven Baha’i leaders who were detained in 2008 and handed 20-year prison sentences stemming from the practice of their faith. The seven formed the now disbanded group, Yaran (friends of Iran), which served the country’s Baha’i community. They were arrested in early raids at their homes in 2008 and transferred to Evin prison where they were kept in solitary confinement for months while undergoing harsh interrogations. Saeid Rezaie had spent almost 5 years behind bars without being granted furlough before his recent transfer to the hospital. He is now back in Rajai Shahr prison post surgery despite his need for the recommended after care.

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