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Iran: Mass hunger strike by political prisoners in protest at inhumane conditions

22 August 2017, Amnesty international: More than a dozen political prisoners, including prisoners of conscience, have gone on hunger strike in protest at the cruel, inhuman and degrading conditions they have been forced to endure at a maximum-security prison in Karaj, Alborz province, Amnesty International said today.

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Afghanistan surge is about regime change in Iran

August 22. 2017 The Baltimore Sun – By: Rachel Marsden

The Islamic State has taken another hostage — and he was reading to America from a teleprompter in an expensive suit and blue tie Monday evening at the Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall near Arlington National Cemetery. Apparently there are some things that simply are more powerful than the president of the United States — namely, the military-industrial complex, the original sponsor of the Islamic State and now the sponsor of U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned troop surge in Afghanistan.

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