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Lawyer: Iran to free artist, activist soon

Atena Farghadani

April 25, 2016 ‫-‬FOX News-Dubai, United Arab Emirates –  The lawyer for a prominent jailed Iranian artist and activist say authorities will soon free his client. Mohammad Moghimi told The Associated Press Monday that an appeals court reduced Atena Farghadani’s 12-year prison sentence to 18 months and “she will be freed soon.”

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Activists and artists hit by new wave of harsh sentencing by Iran judiciary

Mostafa Azizi, a 53-year-old Iranian film-maker, producer and writer has been sentenced to eight years in jail. Photograph: Courtesy of family

06.12.2015 – theguardian – Saeed Kamali Dehghan Iran correspondent – Moderate president, Hassan Rouhani, has failed publically to speak out against sentences given out by Iran’s hardline judges
Iran’s judiciary has unleashed a wave of heavy jail sentences against artists and activists in what appears to be an attempt to send a warning to those who dare to express dissent.

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Iranian artist could draw lengthy prison term for cartoons ridiculing parliament

Atena Farghadani could be facing a long prison sentence for drawing cartoons. (Justice for Iran)

Fr. 29. Mai 2015-foxnews-By Lisa Daftari- Iran’s thin-skinned mullahs have jailed an artist who drew a cartoon disparaging members of parliament over their decision to restrict birth control for women.

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