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Report No.11 : September 2005

§ The student movement

The summoning, arrest, interrogation, detention, charges and…. against students

1)      Hossein Khodayari, “Kerman University”, Kerman

2)      Dawood Jafar-pour, “Tehran University”, Teheran

3)      Abas Shakohmand, fined 100,000 Tomans, “Tarbeyat moalem University”, Tehran

4)      Six students, fined 100,000 Tomans and 30 lashes each, “Shahreh Kord University”, shahreh Kord


Student’s Movement activist trial

1)      Ali Afshari member of “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat” (Office to Foster Unity)


Banned student’s magazines

1)      Araz , Student Magazine directed by Nasaraldin Ali-zadeh,  Tabriz University”, Tabriz


§ The journalists and the press


Journalists summoned to court, arrested, interrogation, and…

1)      Fayaz Zahed, director of  the special edition of “Iran” newspaper

2)      Houssian Ahmadi-Niyaz, director of “Asou” banned weekly magazine

3)      Abolfazl Vasali, director of “Nadayeh Azarabadaghan” newspaper

4)      Jalil Azadikhah director of the weekly magazine “Asou” (banned)

5)      Sadigh MinaeiAsoureporter

6)      Borhan lehoni-Zarehtan general, director of “Ashti” banned newspaper

7)      Bahram Valad-byghi director of “Ashti” banned newspaper

8)      Masoud Bastani director of “Nadayeh Aslahat” weekly banned magazine

9)      Madeh Ahmadi

10)  Naser Abasi former general director of “Nedayeh Azarabadaghan 

11)  Director of a local magazine in the district of Ghilan

12)  Mostafa Samiei-Najad, 10 month imprisonment


§ The political activists

Political, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated, sentenced or imprisoned, and…

1)      Hossein Loghmaniyan former MP

2)      Farzad Hamidi member of the “Iranian Democratic Front” (Jebheh democratic Iran)

3)      Wife of political prisoner Bahnam Vafa-Saresht


Political, Social and Cultural activists’ trial


1)      Alaheh Kolabi former MP

2)      Gholam- Hydar Bye-Salami former MP

3)      Ghasam Shoaleh-Sadi lawyer

4)      Hadi Ghabel  member of the central committee of the “Islamic-Iran Partnership Front” (Jabheh Mosharakat Iran Eslami)


Political, Social and Cultural activists…..


1)      Bijan Badozadeh, Mahabad


Political, Social and Cultural activists detained


1)      Hiva Yousafi, director of cultural institutChia”, Sanandaj

2)      Pyam Fazli-Najad, Tehran

3)      Shahla Golmohamadi, Tehran

4)      Arazoo Shahyar, Tehran

5)      Roksana Amir-Khani, Tehran

6)      Khaled Savari an employee of the Shaho factory, Sanandaj

7)      Reza Karmani member of the “Pan Iranist party”

8)      Rahim Shilani, Bookan

9)      Azad Lotf-Pour, Student from Sanandaj

10)  Mansor  Asanlo head of the board of directors of Tehran’s bus union.   

11)  Four members of Tehran’s bus union namely:  Abas Kodaki-Dawood Norozi-Abrahim Madadi-Gholami

12)  Mousan Bavi, Ahvaz

13)  Emad Bavi, Beirut University student, Ahvaz

14)  Zamil Bavi, Ahvaz

15)  Hani Bavi, student of Ahvaz University, Ahvaz

16)  Asad Bavi, Ahvaz

17)  Haj Salam Bavi, Ahvaz

18)  Mansor Tayori, Ahvaz

19)  Hassan Boghdari, Ahvaz


28 activist of “Harakat Meli Azarbaijan” “Azarbaijan national movement” were sentenced to the following prison terms:


1)      Abas Lasani, one year, Ardabil

2)      Tomaj- Salah Pour-Gargari, one year, Klibar

3)      Ahad Baghari, one year (From Klibar)

4)      Mouhamad Rasoli-Zanoz, one year, Klibar

5)      Mouhamad Sadati, one year, Klibar

6)      Ebrahim Dashti, one year, Klibar

7)      Mahdi Ezati, one year, Klibar

8)      Parviz Rahmati, one year, Klibar

9)      Aziz-Ala Pour-Vali, one year, Klibar

10)  Ayat Mouhamad-Jafari, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

11)  Hamid Pour-Vali, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

12)  Hadi Shadvar, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

13)  Ghorban Pour-Vali, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

14)  Parviz askari-Khanghah, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

15)  Esmaeil Dahghani, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

16)  Bahroz Eslami-Far, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

17)  Habib Vahidi, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

18)  Reza Ebrahimiyan, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

19)  Asad mahmodi, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

20)  Mahdi Ashrafi, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

21)  Yosef Rahimi, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

22)  Mouhamad Lvaei, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

1)      Sina Akbriyan, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

2)      Ebrahim Asgariyan, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

3)      Babak Rahmati , 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

4)      Parviz Hamahi-Saghinsara, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

5)      Ebrahim Jafar-Zadeh, 91 days suspended prison sentence, Klibar

6)      Abas Nikravan head of Salmas Music Association, 5 months imprisonment


The political prisoners who are in solitary confinement


1)      Kyvan Rafiei, “Evinprison

2)      Majid Rezaei, Dadsarayeh Arshad

3)      Abdul-Fatah Soltani, “Evinprison

4)      Akbar Gangi, “Evinprison


Political prisoners who are on a hunger strike


1)      Hojat Zamani, “Rjaei Shahr  prison

2)      Vali-Ala-Fyze Mahdavi, “Rjaei Shahr” prison

3)      Jafar Aghdami, “Rjaei Shahrprison

4)      Behrooz-Javid Tehrani, “Rjaei Shahrprison

5)      Khaled Hrdani, “Rjaei Shahrprison

6)      Bina Darab-Zand, Rjaei Shahr prison

7)      Ajlal Aghvami, “Sanandajprison


Security bail against political prisoners


1)      Abdol –Fatah Soltani,  100,000,000 Tomans, “Evin” prison

2)      Houssein Ahmadi-Nyaz, 90,000,000 Tomans, “Sanandaj Revolution Public Prosecutor’s Office”

3)      Sadigh Minaei, 20,000,000 Tomans, “Sanandaj Revolution Public Prosecutor’s Office”

4)      Borhan Divar-Gar, 20,000,000 Tomans, “Saghez”  prison

5)      Pyam Fazli-Najad, “Evin” prison 

6)      Nasar Yosafi, 10,000,000 Tomans, “Baneh” prison

7)      Hazar Razavi, “Baneh” prison

8)      MouhamadZahar Ahmadi-Pour, “Oromiyeh” prison

9)      Afshin Baymani Rajaei, 4,000,000 Tomans, “Rajaie Shahr” prison


Political prisoners executed


1)      Esmael Mouhamadi 40 years old, “Oromiyeh” prison

2)      Mouhamad Panjoeini, “Oromiyehprison


Political prisoners at risk of execution


1)      Abobakr Mirza-Ghadari, “Oromiyehprison

2)      Osman Mirza-Ghadari, “Oromiyehprison

3)      Ghadar Ahmadi, “Oromiyehprison


4)      Jahangir Bado-Zadeh, “Oromiyehprison

5)      Mehdi Krib-Khani, 22 years old, “Ahvaz” prison


§        Collective arrests


1)      190 people from “West Azarbaijan” province, political causes           

2)      17550 people from “Tehran province”, social causes


§       Sentenced to death


1)      Behzad Maramaei 28 years old, Tehran

2)      Hajar Vafi, Langarod

3)      Lyla 29 years old, Tehran

4)      Mohsen, Tehran

5)      Sarjik 30 years old, Tehran

6)      Eisa, Tehran

7)      Ahmad, Tehran

8)      Abahim, Tehran

9)      Mouhamad 28 years old, Tehran

10)  Satar S, 18 years old, Tehran

11)  Mohamad-Reza, 22 yeas old, Tehran

12)  Ali, 21 years old, Tehran

13)  Shams-Ala, 20 old, Tehran

14)  Sina, 17 years old, Tehran

15)  Ali, Tehran

16)  4 peoples,  Kerman


§        People who have been executed


1)      Mouhamad-Reza Fasahat, Yazd

2)      Jasem H, Ahvaz

3)      22 years old man, Kazeroon

4)      A.B, Bandar-Abas

5)      B.K, Bandar-Abas

6)      H.K, Bandar-Abas

7)      H.J, Bandar-Abas



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