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: November 2005


§ The student movement


Activistsstudents summoned to interrogation


1)      Abdullah Momani, “Alameh Tabataei University”, Teheran

2)      Heydar Zahedi, “Tabriz University”, Tabriz

3)      Davood Jaefar-Pour, “Tehran University”, Teheran


Activists’ students summoned to interrogation by disciplinary committee


1)      Rayhaneh Pour-Ghani, “Zanjan University”, Zanjan

2)      Siyamak Kazemi, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

3)      Sajad Neknam, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

4)      Navid Khaleghi, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

5)      Hadi Sudbar, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

6)      Mojtaba Karim Malek, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh


Banned student magazines


1)      Ham-Ava”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

2)      Mazdak”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

3)      Shareat”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

4)      Jema”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

5)      Senam”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

6)      Varlekh”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

7)      Hadaf”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

8)      Fourough”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

9)      Balout”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

10)  Shour”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh

11)  Seleikoon”, “Oroumieh University”, Oroumieh


Activistsstudents on trial


1)      Hamed Iranshahi, “Arak University”, Arak

2)      Mohammad Mabashari, “Saneati Sharif University”, Teheran

3)      Saeid Ardesheri, “Kerman University”, Kerman

4)      Hussein Khodayari, “Kerman University”, Kerman

5)      Reza Milan, “Kerman University”, Kerman


Charges against activist students


1)      Ahmad Faraji, 3 years.


§        The journalists and press


Interrogation and hearing of journalists


1)      Karim Delaviz, editopr of weekly magazine “Khosh Khabar”.

2)      Mohammad Reza Akbari, editor of weekly magazine “Sahand”

3)      Eraj Rastegar, editor of the banned magazine “Tavana”

4)      Ejlal Ghavami, editor of the banned magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

5)      Toniya Kabod-Vand, editor of the banned magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

6)      Kayvan Samimi, editor of monthly magazine “Nameh”

7)      Abdullah Naseri, editor of “Irna” news agent

8)      10 journalists were interrogated in an unknown place and were very scared to speak up


Journalists summoned to court


1)      Ahmad Sefaei-Far, editor of the banned newspaper “Akhbar”

2)      Favad Sadeghi, editor of “Baztab” website.

3)      Hamed Motaghi, a writer from the weekly magazine “Payam Qom”

4)      Abdullah Naseri, managing director of “Irna”

5)      Hamid Reza Jalali-Pour, editor of the banned weekly newspaper “Nosazi”

6)      Hamed Motaghi, editor of the banned website “Naghshaneh” and “Tanin Sekout” web lock.

7)      Ajlal Ghavami, member of the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

8)      Kaveh Hussein-Penahi, member of the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

9)      Jamshid Vaziri, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

10)  Jahangir Hashemi, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

11)  Majid Mohammadi, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

12)  Yousef Azzizi, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

13)  Hassan Sheikh-Aghaei, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

14)  Eraj Abadi, a co-worker from the banned weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”


Journalists on trial


1)      Mahnaz Havida, editor of weekly magazine “Rayezam Javan”

2)      Ali Ghanbari, editor of weekly magazine “Zagress”

3)      Feredoon Amozadeh Khalili, editor of wwekly magazine “Chelcheragh”

4)      Ali Saleh-Abadi, editor of newspaper “Hambastegi”

5)      Mansour Ghanavati,editor of newspaper “Fajre”

6)      Ghali Sheikhy, editor of newspaper “Tosaeh”

7)      Houshang Moahmmad-Rahimi, editor of monthly magazine “Payam Shadi”

8)      Hormoz Hamashmand-Rad, editor of publication “Donyayeh Javan”

9)      Shahram Jaefari, editor of weekly publication “Saneat Senama”

10)  Moahmmad Baharestan, editor of weekly publication “Fazilat Ghanevadeh”

11)  Shekoh Jerodi, editor of weekly Publication “Naghsh Afarin”

12)  Afshin Zareai, a web lock writer who was detained for 11 months without charge


Charges related to Journalists and weblog writers

1)      Mohammad Hussein Ali-Pour, editor of the banned newspaper “Aban”

2)      Ahmad Seraji, a weblog writer (one year imprisonment)

Unpaid bails

1)      Latif Safri, editor of the banned newspaper “Neshat”

2)      Mashallah Shams Alvazin, general director of the banned magazine “Toos”.

3)      Hamid Reza Jalaei-Pour, editor of the banned newspaper “Jameah”

4)      Rajbaeli Mazroui

5)      Hanif Mazroui, co-worker from “Emrooz and Rouydad” news websites

6)      Mehdi Derayati co-worker from “Emrooz and Rouydad” news websites

7)      Asghar Vatan Khava, co-worker from “Emrooz and Rouydad” news websites

8)      Masoud Khreshi, co-worker from “Emrooz and Rouydad” news websites

9)      Rozbeh-Mir Ebrahimi

10)  Omid Maemaran

11)  Shahram Refea-Zadeh

12)  Javad Gholom Tamimi

13)  Behrooz Geranpayeh


Journalists assaulted and battery


1)      Heshmat Allah-Bahadari, a photographer for “Alborz and Peroozi” newspaper


List of banned books


1)      Asarby Sadeq Hedayat

2)      Asarby Darius Ashouri

3)      “Kerdhayeh Din va Democracy” written by Dr. Hashem Hedayati


§ The political activists

Political activists assaulted

1)      Behzad Nebouyeh (former MP)


The summoning, hearing and interrogation of political and cultural activists

1)      Kourosh Neknam, member of the Zoroastrian parliament assembly


Prevention of conferences

1)      Hassan Yousefi Ashkouri, “Amir Kabir University”

2)      Habib Allah-Payman, “Amir Kabir University”

3)      Ahmad Ghabel

4)      Saed Habibi, “Lorestan University”

5)      Ahmad Sherzad, “Khansar University”

6)      Anniversary of Serial Murders of  Political, dissidentsDaroush Forouhar and his wife Parvaneh Eskanderi


Charges related to political, cultural and social activists

1)      Mamood Salehi

2)      Jalal Husseini

3)      Mahmood Abadi-Pour

4)      Berhan Devar-Gar

5)      Mohsen Hakimi, member of

6)      Behrooz Javed Tehrani, received 4 years imprisonment and 74 lashes.

7)      Sheva Nazar-Ahari

8)      Yadullah Shaebani

9)      Yousefi

10)  Mohammad Mohammadi Gergani

11)  Morteza Salimani, a civil activist, Sanandaj


Political prisoners in solitary confinement

1)      Ghaled Herdani

2)      Shahram Pour-Manzoori

3)      Farhang Pour-Manzoori


Political prisoners on hunger strike

1)      Behrooz Javed Tehrani, “Rejaei Shahr” Prison

2)      Ghaled Herdani, “Rejaei ShahrPrison

3)      Asad Shaghaghi, “Rejaei ShahrPrison


Collective arrests

1)      35 people in Ahvaz


Banned civil organization

1)      Republican Student Association”


Imprisoned children

1)                              Dorna, a 10 year old girl subjected to a year’s imprisonment in Mashad

2)                              Amir Hussein, a 4 year old in Tehran


To immolate oneself due to social problems

1)      360 people  in this year in the province of Ilam


Prisoners killed and injured by prison guards

1)      7 died and 20 injured in Khuzestan prison

2) More than 22 injured


Doubtful Death

1)      Ali Akbar Abadeh, 30 year old, professor of  “Payam Noor”, Sirjan


People killed by police

1)      Sheir Kooh Amini, 27 year old, Mahabad


Sentenced to death

1)      Saam, 28 year old, Tehran

2)      Mohsen, 30 year old, Tehran

3)      Amir, 19 year old, Tehran

4)      Gholom-Reza, 20 year old, Tehran

5)      Arash, 21 year old, Tehran

6)      Hamid-Reza, 20 year old, Tehran

7)      Golmohammad, Tehran

8)      Adel, 25 year old, Tehran

9)      Ali, 25 year old, Tehran

10)  Mohammad-Ali, Tehran

11)  Ali-Reza, 40 year old, Ravar Kerman

12)  A man, Tehran

13)  A man, Tehran


People executed by hanging


1)      Ahmad Norooziyan, 22 year old, Sari

2)      Majid, a 27 year old, Esfahan

3)      Bahman, Khoram Abad.

4)      Mokhtar, 24 year old, Gorgan

5)      Ali, 25 year old, Gorgan



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