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Report No.7 : May 2005


§                   The student movement


The summoning, arrest, interrogation, detained and charges against students



1)      Mohammad-Ali Abady, “Tarbiyat Moalem University”, 6 months suspended prison sentence, Karaj

2)      Abas Shekohmand, “Tarbiyat Moalem University”, 100,000 toman fine, Karaj

3)      Farab Semimi, “Kar University”, 18 months imprisonment and 74 lashes

4)      Mahmood Saremi, “Esfahan University”, 5 months suspended prison sentence

5)      Ali Shojaei, “Tehran University”,  4 months suspended prison sentence

6)      Mojtaba Nejafi, Alameh Tabatebaei University”, 4 months suspended prison sentence

7)      Behrooz Khaleghi, “Yazd University”, 4 months imprisonment

8)      Ali-Reza Farokh-Niya, “Yazad University

9)      Emad Baharvand, “Yazd University”, 4 months suspended prison sentence

10)  Nevid Gholami, “Yazd University”, 4 months suspended prison sentence

11)  Azad Ziya, “Yazd University”, 4 months suspended prison sentence

12)  Hyder Zahedi, “Tabriz Universit”y, 33 months suspended prison sentence

13)  4 students, sentenced to one year in jail and 4 years suspended prison sentence.

14)  Mehdi Habibi, “Amir Kabir University”

15)  Ahmad-Reza Sari, “Kermanshah Open University”

16)  Salman Sima, “Open University” South of Tehran Campus

17)  Davood Hassan-Zadeh, “Tehran University”            

18)  Abozer Pozesh and four other students, “Rejaei University”, Tehran



Sentenced against the student, student publications and student organizations


1)                  Student Magazinp  Sefire”, in “Yazd Open University”  had been band

2)                  Student Magazinp  Sehah” , in “Gilan University” had been band



The journalists and press


Journalists summoned to court, arrest and interrogation


1) Mahmood Shoshteri, member of the editorial board of magazine “Gozaresh rooz” and “Hoviyat Khish

2) Ferid Modaresi, the correspondent for “Shargh” newspaper and web log writer

3) Aresh Sigarchi, editor in chief for the former magazine “Gilan Emrooz

4) Youcef Beni-Torof, Ahvaz

5) Jelah Aghvami and Saeid Saadi, members of the editorial board of the banned magazine “Payam Mardom Kordestan

6) Jemal Drodi, Dierctor of “Payam Jebheh Meli

7) 51 employes of the “Iran Shar” newspaper were dismissed. “Iran Shar” newspaper which is the sister newspaper of “Ham Shari”, which in turn belongs to Tehran Council whose mayor Ahmadi-Nejat was running for presidency. Those dismissed were not willing to back his campaign.

8) 96 cases have been made against the media, in which has also been handed to the court.

9) Abas Kakavand, who was the former member of the editorial board for “Resalat” newspaper has been imprisoned for 9 months.


Banned Books


1) 13 books in the first day of the international book exhibition.

2) “Shie Dar Tarikh Iran”

3) “Sale Sefer

4) “Rahbar



§ The political activists


Political, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated, sentenced or imprisoned


1)      Ghalil Behrami, lawyer interrogated.

2)      Kourosh Zaeim, member of “Iran National Front”, interrogated

3)      Khosroh Seif, chairman of “Nation Party ofIran” (Hezbe Melat Iran) interrogated

4)      Mohammad Basteh Negar, spokesman of “Meli-Mashabi Gorouh”, interrogated

5)      Farhad Behbani, a writer taken to trial

6)      Majid Seyadi, former chairman of cultural relations for “The Ministry of Cultural Guidance”,  taken to trial

7)      Hamid Pourmand, a priest from “Rabani Church” taken to trial

8)       11 actors taken to trial

9)      Mehdi Mouid, presidential candidate arrested

10)  Varya Karimi, arrested, Kermanshah

11)  Jiyan KAmkir, arrested, Kermanshah

12)  Hevah Anvari, arrested, Kermanshah

13)  Vatan abadi, arrested, Kermanshah

14)  Khaled Resouli, arrested, Kermanshah

15)  Kaveh Anvar, arrested, Kermanshah

16)  Hadi Separlou, 32 years old, the revolutionary guard (Pasdaran) captain and ICU respiratory equipments specialist at Baghiatolah hospital  Baghiatolah  (where Zahra Kazemi Iranian/Canadian journalist was transported after she was tortured)

17)  Parveez Salavand, activist worker arrested

18)  Shadi Sadr, lawyer and feminist acitivst banned from leaving the country

19)  Behrooz Javid-Tehrani, a former political activist prisoner (again summoned to court)

20)  Shahzad Kariman, given one year suspended prison sentence

21)  Abas Neek-Parvan, given 4 months suspended prison sentence, Salmas Prison

22)  152 people were disallowed to register as parliamentary candidates


To prevent political and student activists to speech


1) Ali Afshari, member of the editorial board of “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Alameh”, Kashan University

2) Abdullah Momeni, member of the editorial board of “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Alameh”, Kashan and Amir Kabir University

3) Elm Shahi, member of the editorial board “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Shiraz”, Kashan University

4) A man, member of the editorial board of “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Shiraz”, Kashan University

5) Dr Ha tem Ghaderi, professor from Amir Kabir University

6) Reza Delbari, member of the editorial board “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Alameh”, Shar-Kord University

7) Dr Mohammad Maleki, “Shar-Kord University”

8) Majid Haj-Babaei,member of the editorial board “Daftar Tahkim Vahdat - Teif Alameh”, Ardabil University

9) Azam Taleghani, head of “Women’s Islamic Association”

10) Ali Tajerniya, member of the central council for “Islamic-Iran Partnership Front” (Jebheyeh Moshrekat), City of Harees

11) Ahmad Ghabel, member of the central council for “Islamic-Iran Partnership Front”(Jebheyeh Moshrekat), District Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari

12) Dr Ebrahim Yazdi, chairman of the “Iran Freedom Front(Nehzat Azady Iran), in Tehran.

13) Mehdi Kahroubi, a presidential candidate, electoral speech in Zanjan city

14) Mansour Asanlou, transport union activist



Dissolution of political and union organizations


1) Iranian student and lecturers license has been cancelled

2) Tehran’s Transport Union has been liquidated



News related to political prisoners


1) Esmayel Mohammadi, 38 year old, has been in prison for 2 years and sentenced for execution, Oroumieh Prison

2) Reza Malek imprisoned for 3 years where he has recently been tortured and banned form any visitations, Evin Prison

3) Omid Abasgholi-Nejad, has been sentenced to 3 years imprisonment and due to the banned visitations is starving himself

4) Mehrdad Lohr-Asbi, has been in prison for 6 years and is in need of medical attention

5) Arjand Davoodi, has been beaten up, Rejaei-Shar Prison

6) Mr Farzad Hamidi, has been detained for 10 months without trial and has made up a new case

7) Saeid Eatemadi, has been in a solitary cell for 17 months

8) Reza Ameeni, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and exiled to Tabriz prison where he is starving himself

9) Helmat Ahssan Azar-Pour, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and exiled to Tabriz prison where he is starving himself

10) Abdullah Mohammadi, sentenced to 20 years imprisonment and exiled to Tabriz prison where he is starving himself

11) Jahangir Badouzadeh, former paramilitary for “The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan” sentenced to execution, Oroumieh Prison

12) Mojtaba Samaei, web-lock writer and is starving himself

13) Akbar Gangi. A journalist 6 years imprisoned and is starving himself

14) Mojtabah Lotfi, imprisoned journalist he is critically ill, Ghom Prison



§       Collective arrests


1) 448 people were arrested due to protesting, Ahvaz

2) 125 people, Eslam Shahr



§       People killed or injured by police


1) Saeid Vahed-Rak, got killed in Peranshahr.

2) Hussein Behrani, got killed in Aushneviyeh.

3) Rahmat Khak-Pour got injured in Mahabad



  • Death Sentences


1) 33 year old Mohsen Khoshbakht, Tehran

2) Mohammad “M” at the age of 16 murdered someone, Shiraz

3) Esmaeil, Tehran

4) A 50 year old man, Tehran

5) 22 year old Maslem, Tehran

6) 35 year old Masoud, Tehran

7) 33 year old, Tehran

8) 26 year old, Tehran

9) 21 year old Mostafi, Tehran

10) Hassan-Gholi, Tehran

11) Ali Asghar, Tehran



§       Sentenced to stoning


1) 24 year old Fatemeh, Tehran



§       Sentenced to amputation of the body


1) Rahman alongside another prisoner were sentenced to the amputation of the right hand (Ahvaz Prison) ?


  • People who have been executed


1) Hatem Gorgi, Tehran

2) Mohammad Baghsesh, Tehran

3) Ali-Reza Hajberi, Tehran

4) Ali-Reza Akbari Matlegh, Tehran

5) 19 year old Naser, Sousangerd

6) Ali, Sousangerd

7) Aref, Sousangerd




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