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Evidence about the widespread, planned and Systematic violation of Human Rights


Report No.4 : Februaryy 05


§ The student movement


The summoning, arrest, interrogation and charged students


1)                  Arash Hashemi, “University of Tehran”, Tehran

2)                  Bahram Esmaeil Beigi, “University of Isfahan”, Isfahan 

3)                  Mohammad sadeghhi, “University of Isfahan”, Isfahan      

4)                  Aboulfasl Afshari,  University of Quom”, Quom       

5)                  Mohaamd Sohrab, “University of Karaj “, Karaj   

6)                  Saeaid Jalili,”University of Tarbyat Modares”, Tehran            

7)                  Thirteen students, “University of Isfahan”, Isfahan         

Sentenced Students

1)                  Abdoulrahamn Naderi, University of Sabzevar “, Sabzevar, 6 months improisonment

2)                  Ghasem Hosein Zadeh,”University of Sabzevar “, Sabzevar, 6 months improisonment        

3)                  Behanam Amini, “University of Tehran”, Tehran, 3 years

4)                  Alireza Nouri, “University of Tehran”, Tehran, 50,000 toman fine

5)                  Sonet Shojaeian, “University of Isfahan”, Isfahan, 15000 Toman

6)                  Navid Jafari,University of Azad”, Tehran                   

7)                  Akbar Fardi, “University of Zanjan “,  Zanjan, 1 year Suspesion  

8)                  Ali Faghih Habibi,University of Zanjan “,  Zanjan, 6months suspension


§ The journalists and press


Journalists summoned to court, arrest and interrogation


1)                  Mansoor Mozafari, chief Editor of the newspaper  Aftab Yazd

2)      Lotfola Mesami, chief Editor of the monthly magazine “CheshmAndaz Iran

3)      Hosein Entezami, chief Editor of the newspaper  Jame Jam”

4)      Manoochehr Karamat, weekly magazineAvay-e- Khozestan

5)      Farid Modaresi, Jounalist of the newspaper “Shargh

6)      Cheif Editorial of the monthly magazine “Toloe Zendegi

Sentences against Media 

1)                  Mojtabta Lotfi, Qom, 46 months imprisonment

2)                  Jame” weekly magazine, banned

3)                  Mustafa Khosravi, Chief Editor of magazine Arman Student Publication”, banned

4)                  Khaneh Sabz”  Magazine, 2 months, banned

§ The political activists

Political, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated, sentenced or imprisoned and …..

1)      Hassan Zarea-Zadeh Ardeshir, member of the “Student committee for defense of political prisoner”, 7 years

2)      of imprisonment and 5 years prohebitted of social acitivies

3)      Eisa Sahar Khiz , member of “Defense of press freedom in Iran”, banned from leaving Iran

4)      Behrooz Javid Tehrani, member of “Iran Democratic Front”, bobded by 30,000,000 toman

5)      Ali Mahmoodi, member of “2nd of Khordad Front”, Fined 50,000 toman

6)      Kambiz Noroozi, lawyer, member of  Defense of press freedom in Iran

7)      Shirin Ebadi, lawyer, member of “ Defense of Human Rights Center” (DHRC),

8)      Mohaamd Seif Zadeh, lawyer , member of “ Defense of Human Rights Center” (DHRC),

9)      Nemat Ahmadi,  lawyer

10)  Mohsen Midamadi , ex-Memeber of Parliment

11)  Elahe Kulaei, Ex-Memeber of Parliment

12)  Azad Zamani, director of “ Defense of Children Rights Center

13)  Abas Khorsandi,  member of  Demokrat Party of Iran

14)  Mahmoud Salehi,  member of  Saghez Bakers Syndicate”, Saghez

15)  Mohammad Abdi Pour, member of  Saghez  Bakers Syndicate”,  Saghez  

16)  Mojtaba Samiei Nejad, Weblog Wirter

17)  Abbas Kosha , member of “ Jebhe Mosharekat

18)  Narges Adib, member of  Pishgaman Movement of Iran”

19)  Fariba Hedayati, Spouse of  political prisoner

20)  Ali Tabarzadi, Son of  political prisoner

21)  Mohammad Tabarzedi, Son of political prisoner

22)  Taghi hamidi,  Father of  political prisoner

23)  Aru Saraji, political prisoner, tortured

The Name of political prsioners who have been on Hunger Strike for 25 days at Rajei Shahr” prison

1)      Hojat Zamani

2)      Farzad Hamidi

3)      Bina Darab Zand

4)      Jafar Aghdami

5)      Mehrdad Lohrasebi

6)      Jafar Aghdami

Assassination of a political refugies

1)      Mohammad Mashof, Kuveite, Pakistan

§ Citizen killed by Police

1)      Ali Moradim, Javanrood, Kurdistan

                     § Prisoners executed

1)      Mehdi Rashid Poor, 25 yrs old,  Tabas

§   Death Sentences

1)                  Mohammad Reza, 25 years,   Tehran

2)                  Ali, 20 years, Tehran

3)                  Mohammad Reza, 28 years, Tehran

4)                  Satar, 17 years, Tehran

5)                  Hamid, 19 years, Tehran

6)                  Morteza, 32 years, Tehran

7)                  Azam, 31 years, Tehran

8)                  Behzad Marmaraei, Tehran

9)                  Saeed. R, 22 years, Islamshahr

10)              Mohammad, Neyshabour



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