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Evidence about the widespread, planned and Systematic violation of Human Rights


Report No.5 : Mars 2005


§ The student movement


The summoning, arrest, interrogation,  and charged of students.


1)        Abbas Shekouhmand, University of  Karaj, Karaj

2)        Yazdan Mehr, University of Shahrkurd, Shahrkurd          

3)        Sorush Farhadian, University of Arak, Arak

4)        Salman Moradkhani, University of Isfahan, Isfahan

5)        Safegh Sharifi, University of Isfahan, Isfahan        

6)        Ahmad Mirzaii, University of Isfahan, Isfahan

7)        Sadegh Shojaii, Alameh Tabatabaii University

8)        Peyman Aref, University of Tehran, Tehran

9)        Farid Kiyani, University of Tehran, Tehran

10)    Iman Amir Teymour, University of Tehran, Tehran

11)    Pouya Heybat Elahi, University of Tehran, Tehran

12)    Mazyar Firouzmand, University of Tehran, Tehran

13)    Salman Rasouli, University of Tehran, Tehran

14)    Five undisclosed names, University of Arak, Arak

15)    Three undisclosed names, University of Shahrkurd, Shahrkurd

16)    1Thirty undisclosed names, University of Isfahan, Isfahan


Sentenced against the student, student publications and student organizations


1)                  Banning of publication “Nedaye daneshjuyae Kurdestan”, University of Sanandaj, Sanandaj

2)                  Banning of publication “Ghoghnous”, University of Tehran, Tehran

3)                   Banning of publication “Binesh” for four months , University of Qom, Qom

4)                  Banning of activities of “Islamic association” for three months, University of Arak, Arak

5)                  The nullification of activity licence for club “Aftabkaran”, University of Alameh Tabatabaii

6)                  To refuse of 42 students in order to accept them as members in “Islamic association”  Science & Art University

7)                  Ali Esmaili, expelled from Medical School in Mashhad

8)                  Hojat Soltani, expelled from University of Lorestan

9)                  Mohammad Reza Nasb Abdollahi, director of a student publication “Noghteh sar khat was sentenced to six months imprisonment and fined the amount of 100,000 tomans


§ The journalists and press


Journalists summoned to court


1)        Keyvan Samimi Behbahani, Director of monthly magazine “Nameh”

2)        Abbas Kakavand, The former member of writers of newspaper “Resalat”

3)        Hamed Motaghi, member of writers of Weekly magazine “Payam Qom”

4)        Director of publication “Honar Hafteh”

5)        Mohammad Seddigh Kaboudvand, Director of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

6)        Jalal Aghvami,   member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

7)        Kaveh Hossein Panahi, member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

8)        Jamshid Vaziri, member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

9)        Jahangir Hashemi, member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “payam Mardom Kurdestan”

10)    Tonya Kaboudvand, member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

11)    Namo Hedayati, member of writers of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”

12)    Majid Mohammadi, a fellow member of banned Weekly magazine “payam Mardom Kurdestan”

13)    Yousef Azizi Banitaraf, a fellow member of banned Weekly magazine “Payam Mardom Kurdestan”


Sentenced media and journalists


1)        Mohammad Hassan Alipour ,  The director of banned magazine “Aban” was sentenced for six months imprisonment based on terms and banned from working in the media for two years

2)        Arash Sigarchi , The editor in chief of newspaper “Gilan Emrouz” who was sentenced 14 years imprisonment  was  released temporary from prison by putting 100,000,000 tomans as security in order to wait for the court’s rehearing

3)        Abolfazl Vesali, The director of newspaper “Nedaye Azar Abadegan” was fined 300,000 tomans and detention of newspaper  for two months

4)        Nullification of concession of monthly magazine “Jameeh no”

5)        The refusal to issue the licence for printing the third number of “Iranian Writers' Association” magazine 

6)        Detention of 26 Iranian webloggers           


§ The political activists


Political, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated, sentenced or imprisoned and …..


1)         Shirin Ebadi, Lawyer

2)         Khalil Bahramian, Lawyer

3)         Diba Alikhani, The secretary of “Association for women’s rights”

4)         Shiva Nazar Ahari, Member of “Student committee for defense of political prisoner”

5)         Najmieh Omidparvar, Webloger

6)         Shahrzad Kariman

7)         Rajabali Mazroui, The secretary of “assembly union for journalists”

8)         Aliakbar Mousavi Khouini, Representativ for the sixth period of “Islamic Consultative Assembly”

9)         Mahmoud Sarabadani, Delijan`s governor

10)     Reza Makian

11)     To charge Mojtaba Samiinejad, Webloger in prison for apostasy

12)     To expel Reza and Rahmatollah Mohamadi from their works because of their brotherhood to Akbar and Manouchehr Mohamadi, two students in prison

13)     Nosratollah Bayat, Member of “Iranian National Front”

14)     To set fire to publishing bureau “Roshangaran”

15)     To prevent distribution of “Nagoftehhaye Enghelab”, a book written by Ezatollah Sahabi,

16)     To prevent Dr.Ahmad Shirzad`s speech in Qom


Sentenced Political, Cultural and Social Activists


1)                  Arjang Davoudi was subjected to 15 years imprisonment, 5 years suspension from social rights and 70 lashes and transferred to prison “Rajaii Shahr”

2)                  Amir Saran, secretary general of “Iranian National Front” 8 years imprisonment, transfered to prison “Rajaii Shahr”

3)                  Fariba Hedayati , 8 months imprisonment

4)                  Alireza Javanbakht, member of “committee supporting political prisoners of Azarbayejan” 6 month’s imprisonments

5)                  Abbas Khorsandi, member of “Democrat party of Iran” leaving 30,000,000 tomans as pledge

6)                  Mohammad Javad Karkhi, Qom´s governor, was fined 200,000 tomans

7)                  To reject competency of “Assembly of Kurd’s women stand for peace and human rights”


§    Mass Arrestment


500 Persons Tehran

90   Persons Shiraz

25 Persons Tabriz


§ Prisoners executed


1)                  Jalil Moridi, BandarAbbas

2)                  Saeed OJ Hormozi, BandarAbbas

3)                  Ali Soukhte zadeh, 31 years old, Ahvaz

4)                  Mohammad Basijeh, Tehran

5)                  Asghar, Mashhad                               


§                    Death Sentences


1)        Hadi, 20 years old, Tehran

2)        Farshad, Tehran

3)        Ali, 30 years old, Tehran

4)        Hamid, 49 years old, Tehran

5)        Mohammad, 23 years old, Tehran

6)        Hamid, 27 years old, Tehran

7)        Abolghasem, 22 years old, Tehran

8)        Saeed,16 years old, Tehran

9)        A male student, Karaj

10)    A-N, 22 years old, Sari

11)    Two men, Tehran

12)    Two men, 45 years old, Tehran




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