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Evidence about the widespread, planned and Systematic violation of Human Rights


Report No.3 : January 05


§ The student movement


The summoning, arrest, interrogation and charged of students


1)      Solet Shojaieyan, ``University of Isfahan``, Isfahan

2)      Mohamad Sadeghi, ``University of Isfahan``, Isfahan

3)      Nader amen, ``University of Tabriz``, Tabriz

4)      Hadi Khetibi, ``University of Shiraz``, Shiraz

5)      Sajad Nicknam,``University of Urmia``, Urmiar

6)      Payman Aref ,``University of Tehran``, Tehran                                     

7)      Ferid Kyan,``University of Tehran``, Tehran                                          

8)      Sanaz Sharifi,``University of Tehran``, Tehran                                       

9)      Ali-Reza Nori,``University of Tehran``, Tehran                                     

10)  Behnam Amini,``University of Allameh-Tabatabaei``, Tehran

11)  Abas Shekohman,``University of Tarbyat Mo’alem``, Tehran

12)  Said Habibi,``University of Tarbyat Modares``, Tehran

13)  Hussein Kheyri-Fame,``University of Zanjan``, Zanjan

14)  Yashar Hakak-Pour,``University of Zanjan``, Zanjan

15)  Payam Shekib,``University of Zanjan``, Zanjan                            

16)  Arak’s University of Medical Science, banned students association activity for 3 month

17)  Zanjan University of Medical Science, banned students association activity for 6 months

18)  Akbar Farokhi suspended from Zanjan University of Medical Since for one month

19)  Abas Sharefi student of University of Tarbyat Modares fined 100,000 Tomans


§ The journalists and press


Journalists summoned to court, arrest and interrogation


1)      Lotfola Mesami,  director of the monthly magazine ``CheshmAndaz Iran``

2)      Gholam – Ali Nuderi, director of  ``Serakhs`` magazine          

3)      Manochehr Karamaf, director of weekly magazine ``Avayeh Khozostan``

4)      Golam Hossain Aghahi, news correspondent of  weekly magazine ``Sobheh Seblan``

5)      Hamed Moteghi,director of Nagehshinah website

6)      Arash Cighar-chi, director of ``Gilan emrooz`` newspaper


Charges brought against Media


1)      Shamzin Jehani 3 years and 91 day’s imprisonment

2)      Band of Percian and Arkat web site

3)      Band of Khorshid Nimroz magazine


Suspicious death of journalist


1)      Aalnaz Derakhshan, Eftekhar news corspondece

2)      Shiva Shakary, Eftekhar and Shargh  news corspondens

3)      Shahla Shakery, Eftekhar and Shargh news corspondens


§ The political activists


Political, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated, sentenced or imprisoned and …..


1)      Hassan Zarea-Zadeh Ardeshir , member of the “Student committee for defense of political prisoner”

2)      Mosen Sazghara, Political activist

3)      Mohamed Abtehi, Ex.

4)      Fatemeh Hghighat-Jo, former Teheran MP

5)      Mojtaba Bediei, member of Islamic-Iran Partnership Frontl Jebhe Mosharekat

6)      Hossian Abdolah-Pour, member of Islamic-Iran Partnership Frontl

7)      Massood Rahberi, member of Islamic-Iran Partnership Front

8)      Abas Kosha, member of Islamic-Iran Partnership Front

9)      Rejab-Ali Mazroei, head of the “Defense of press freedom in Iran

10)  Ali-Akber Mosevi-Khoeyni, former Tehran MP

11)  Ferid Modaresi, Web-log writer

12)  Seeid Kashilo, member, “Iran Democratic Front”

13)  Mashalah Shamsel-Vaezin, spokesman for the “Defense of press freedom in Iran

14)  Nemate Ahmady, lawyer, Teheran

15)  Mohamat Selamaty, member of the “Islamic Revolutionary Mojahedin

16)  Mossa Hakimi, member of “union of writers of Iran

17)  Mohamad Sherif, member of “ Defense of Human Rights Center (DHRC)

18)  Mohamad – Reza Nesab-Abdolahi, member of “Student committee for defense of political prisoner”

19)  Shiva NezarAhary, member of the “Student committee for defense of political prisoner”


Bail imposed relating to political and cultural activists


1)      Amir Saran 8 year’s imprisonment, member of  “National Solidarity Front”

2)      Asad Shaghaghi 3 years, member of  “National Solidarity Front”

3)      Nesrattola Beyat, member of “National Solidarity Front”

4)      Reza Mardi, 400000 Tomas fine, member of  “National Solidarity Front”

5)      Saeeid Emamiyan, 400000 Tomans fine, member of  “National Solidarity Front”

6)      Ghasem Aydin, 400000 Tomans fine, member of “National Solidarity Front”

7)      Ali Firozi, 400000 Tomans fine, member of  “National Solidarity Front”

8)      Ali Shekori-Rad, 400000 Tomans fine, former MP

9)      Hassan Ghyseri, 900000 Tomans fine, member of “Iran Democratic Front”

10)  Heshmat-Alah Tabarzedi 14 years imprisonment and 10 years deprived of Civil Rights “Iran Democratic Front”

11)  Bita darab-Vand three and a half years imprison and 50 lashes

12)  Mohamad mohamady- Ghghorghani ten months imprison

13)  Farogh Bigham, five years imprisonment, Bookan

14)  Arselan Shikheh, five years imprisonment, Bookan

15)  Arselan Mahmody 5 years imprisonment, Bookan

16)  Aso Bavmin 5 years imprisonment, Bookan

17)  Mohamad Farhad-Zadeh 5 years imprisonment, Bookan

18)  Ali-Reza Sherif 5 years imprisonment, Bookan

19)  170 peaple from 3 to 10 years imprisonment, Ezeh


Political Prisoners at risk of execution


1)      Hojat Zemani

2)      Seid Masori

3)      Farhangh Pour-Mansori

4)      Shahram pour-Mansori

5)     Khaled Hardani


§ Prisoners executed


1)      Mohamad-Reza B, Mashhad

2)      Mostefa, Mashhad

3)      Mamad ( Mohamad) Sayah, Mashhad

4)      Dawood Baghari, Tehran

5)      Iman Farokhi, Tehran

6)      Vali-Alah Zareiyan, Tehran


§   Death Sentences


1)      Abolghasem, Tehran

2)      Mohamad 48 years old, Karaj

3)      Mehdi Bakhteyari 18 years old, Tehran

4)      Ali-Reza Jevan, Tehran

5)      Mohamad T 18 years old, Tehran

6)      Mehdi Jevan, Tehran

7)      Shahla Jahed, Tehran

8)      Seid Bkhteyari 30 years old, Tehran

9)      Masod, Tehram

10)  Arash, Tehram

11)  Dawood, Mashhad

12)  Ali, Mashhad

13)  Javad, Mashhad

14)  Ali, Tehran

15)  Ismaeil A, Tehran

16)  Masomeh SH, Tehran

17)  Abas 30 years old, Tehran

18)  Gholam-Reza, Tehran

19)  Letif 35 years old, Tehran

20)  Karim 35 years old, Tehran

21)  Four adolescents, Tehran

22)  one adolescent, Sari

23)  30 youth, Tehran




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