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Summary of the monthly report :( 21 December - 20 February 2004)

Our monthly report includes only news that has officially been reported by Iranian media and press.


●The student movement

During current period we have noticed that suppression of the student moment have been harder. The cases of summoning of student by judiciary officials have dramatically risen. Compared to prior period even the cases of student who sentenced to jail became more. Generally, there are many signs which indicate that situation have been unchanged during current month.


The name of students who have been tried by judiciary officials:

3 Students , Elm va Sanat University


The name of students who have been summoning by judiciary officials:

Behnam Amini             Tehran University

Mohamad Masoud Salamati    Tehran University

Ali Afshari                               Amir Kabir University

Rahim Hasani Tabar                Zanjan University

Sahar Sedighi               Esfahan University

Monireh Baharlu                      Esfahan University

Bahram Isamil Beigi                 Esfahan University

Hassan Talebi              Esfahan University

Sadegh  Sharifi             Esfahan University

Ahmad Ghotbi             Esfahan University

Abodoel Amir Amirian             Esfahan University

Salamn Morad Khani               Esfahan University

Marzieh Aryanfar                     Esfahan University

Said Razavi Faghih                  Tarbiat Modaresh University

Mohamad Reza Nasab Aboel allahi     Vali Asar University, Rafsanajan

Hamide Deh Nabi                    Tehran University


3 other students                       Yazd University



■ Sentenced to jail:

Abdoalrasol Naderi     Tarbiat Moalem University, Sabzevar

Vahid Amani                Tarbiat Moalem University, Sabzevar

Ghasem Atai    Tarbiat Moalem University, Sabzevar

Mohsen Yosefi Yasoj University

Vahid Mohamadi Tabar           Yasoj University

Rohola Malek Pour      Yasoj University


15 other students, Malajer complex, Hamadan University


The number of students who have been summon by university disciplinary committees (komiteh enzebati)


Amir Eshaghi    Yazd University

Babak Asadi                Oromihe University


15 other students , Amir Kabir University


The cases of deprivation of studies by university disciplinary committees (Komiteh enzebati):


The case of detention:


Behroz Khaleghi          Yazd University

Alireza Azimi    Tehran University


●The journalists and press


The cases of journalists who have been tried more compared to last month. We did not notice any bettering regarding the summoning or accusation of journalists.


The names of journalists and the respective newspaper who have been summoned by the state prosecutors office or court


Soliman Pirayesh          The editor-in-chief of weekly Nakhost

Mohabat Kamari         Journalist

Ali Hekmat                  The editor-in-chief of newspaper Khordad

Marjane Sekhavati       The editor-in-chief of weekly Feker Rooz

Bakhtiari                      The editor-in-chief of newspaper Donjaje Eghtesad

Adel Mazari                 The editor-in-chief of weekly Sobhe Zahedan


The names of journalists and the respective paper have been tried by judiciary officials:


Hamid Reza Ashtiani    The editor-in-chief of weekly Besoje Eftekhar

Ali Nematzadeh           The editor-in-chief of weekly Avaje Kurdestan

Abdolrahim Fahimi       The editor in of magazine Film va Sinama

Shahram Jafari The editor-in-chief of monthly magazine Sanate Sinama

Mehdi Rahman Nia      The editor-in-chief of newspaper Shargh

Davoodi                      The editor-in-chief of weekly Tamashagaran

Ardalavn Atapour        The editor-in-chief of weekly Aknoon

Hassan Bani Jamali      The editor-in-chief of monthly magazine Jadval

Haidari             The editor-in-chief of magazine Safire Varamin

Amir Hossien Said Ghara         The editor-in-chief of magazine Vatan

Shapor Shah Biegi       The editor-in-chief of magazine Dornam

Mohamad Hassan Pezesh        The editor-in-chief of monthly Film Negar

Mahnaz Hovida           The editor-in-chief of weekly Raizan Javan

Hossien Farokhi           The editor-in-chief of monthly Sinama Tater

Jaleh Eskoi                  The editor-in-chief of weekly Panj shanbeha

Mostafa Kazazi            The editor-in-chief of newspaper Sedaje Edalat

Hossien Elteja  The editor-in-chief of weekly Baharane

Shahsavari                   The editor-in-chief of weekly Ketabe Hafte

Mohsen Abbasi           The editor-in-chief of magazine Jostejo

Hojat allah Khatib        The editor-in-chief of magazine Tejarate been Almalal


■ Accusation of journalists:

Hossien Sajadi The editor-in-chief of newspaper Tovseh

Massoud Mehrabi        The editor-in-chief of monthly Film

Imani               The editor-in-chief of monthly Niki

Tavakoli                      The editor-in-chief of monthly Piramoun

Jalil Moghodam           The editor-in-chief of weekly Asrar

Abbas Ahad Panah      The editor-in-chief of magazine Javane Emroz

Ahmadi Nabavi            The editor-in-chief of Magazine Avaje Hafte

Ali Akbar Bagharin      The editor-in-chief of weekly Mahan


■ Closure of newspaper and internet home pages:

Monthly Magazine Omid Sahel , The editor-in-chief : Ghasem Karami

Home Page Emroz



●The political activists

The activities of independent political groups have been more limited.  Many of activists faced different kind of difficulty; they can for example risk losing their jobs, kidnapping or detention. We noticed rising of amount of executions during this month which indicates worsening of situation. We report only a brief of cases here.


■ Summoned by judiciary officials or security police and other security organ:

Valiallah ShojaPorian               Parliamentary member, Behbahan

Mohamad Ali Namazi              Parliamentary member, Lanjan

Ahmad Shirzad                        Parliamentary member, Esfahan

Ali Khazaie                              Kermanshah

Said Madani                            Tehran, Religious-nationalist

Ramin Naseh                           National front

Najme Omidparvar                 

Nadjaf Gholi Habibi

Saide Semnanian


■ Trial by judiciary officials:

Marzieh Mortazi Langarodi      Tehran


■ Sentenced to jail:

Kazem Mojadam                     Member of Isalmic Vefagh Party

Akbar Khonsari                       Member of the Iranian Democratic front

Mohamad Behbodi                  Iranian who has been in exile


The case of detention:


Gholamreza Azami

Farzaneh Kaboli (Artist), 25 people, member of dancing group



●Death penalty, sentence of stoning, execution and retaliation

Even amount of death penalty have risen in current month compared to the last month. In one case more than 5 persons have been shooting by the security police when the the police tried stopping a demonstration in the town, Saravan, on the province Sistan & Baluchestan.



■ Execution which have been carried:

Reza Sattari                 Tabriz

Mohamad. L.               GonAbad

Hamidreza                   GonAbad

Mohamad A.               Tabriz

Hasan Reza Moghareb Mashhad

Abdoallah Dilami         Ahwaz





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