The Committee of Defence of Human Rights in Iran

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Evidence about the wide and continual violation of human rights in Iran


Summary of the Monthly Report : 21st January - 20th February 2004


These monthly reports only include the news which has been officially reported by the Iranian Media.


During the last month, we continue to hear and read about the violation of human rights. The defense committee of human rights in Iran (based in Sweden) has been carefully monitoring the social and political situation in the country. A large number of cases have been reported especially concerning students, journalists and the media.


The cases are as follows:


a)  Tribunal Media:

 1- Shahram Mohamad-Nia editor of “Vaght” (a weekly magazine)

 2- Mohamad Sadegh Sadehghi editor of “Pykeh Khazar” magazine

3- Mohamad Ali Masomi editor of “Olympic Varzeshi” magazine

4- Mohamad Seidd Medeni editor of “Kyhan Varzeshi” (a weekly magazine)

5- Mjid Fyz-abadi editor of “Nasim Seba” newspaper

6- Gholamhosyen Moatemady editor of “Zaman” (a monthly magazine)

7- Abdolresol Vesal editor of “Iran” newspaper

8- Saghi Bagheri-Nia editor of banned newspaper “Asiyah”

9- Ali Hekmat editor of banned newspaper “Khordad”




b)  Journalists summoned to court:

1- Lotfola Maysami editor of “Cheshm Andazeh Iran” magazine

2- Hoshangeh- Mohamad Rahimi-Far editor of “Payameh Shadi” (a weekly magazine)

3- Morteza Golli-Zadeh editor of “Yaseh Nou” magazine.


c) Investigation into Journalists:

1- Tavakoli editor of “Piramon” magazine.

2- Rayani editor of “Honareh Hafteh” magazine

3- Sakeeneh Kareem Khany the editor of “Ahngeh Hafteh” magazine

4- Shady Sadr




d) Sentenced Journalists:

 1- Gholom-Hussein Moatamedy the editor of Zaman (a monthly magazine) fined for                300- thousand Tomans

2- Abdolresol Vesal editor of “Iran” newspaper fined 1.5 million Tomans

and banned for three months from all media activities.

3- Abolfazleh Zahedi-Pour editor of “Nou Andish” (a weekly magazine), fined 500-thousand Tomans.

4- Amir Masomi and Amir Shahla both members on the board of writers of “Nou Andish” magazine, were fined the amounts of 500-thousand and 100-thousand Tomans respectively.




e) Banned Media:

1- “Yaseh Nou” newspaper

2- “Shargh” newspaper

3- “Nedayeh Azar-Abadeghan” (banned for three month)

4- “Hadiseh Kerman” weekly magazine (banned for ten days)

5- “Kevir” magazine (banned for six months)

6- “Nou Andish” weekly magazine (banned for one year)


f) Students summoned to court:

1-Mohamad Varzandeh (Tehran University)

2- Mohamad- Reza Nesab-Abdolahi (Rafsanjan’s “Veliyaser University”)

3- Abase Shekohmand (Terbeyat Moalem University)

4- Ali Mahmodi (Shar Kurd University)

5- Mohamad Panahi

6- Three undisclosed names students (Esfahan’s University)

7- Ayda Molazadeh (Tabriz University)



g) Students called for a hearing:

1-Arash Haghani (Oromiyeh University)

2- Ali-Reza Khoshbahkt (Hamedan’s Boalli-Sina University)

3- Twelve undisclosed names (Yasoje University)



h) Detained Students:

1- Pegah Hamzeh-ie (Tehran University)

2- Mohsen Mosabbi, a student’s representative of “Hezbe Eradeh Melat”

3- Two students of “Yazd University” whose names were undisclosed.


i) Sentenced Students:

1- Yahya Sefi-Aryan (Hamedan’s Boalli-Sina University)


j) Students sentenced by the Disciplinary Committee:

1- Babak Asedi and two other students whose names are undisclosed, expelled from Oromiyeh University for a period of one semester.

2- Nine students of Hamedan’s Boalli-Sina University expelled from university for a period of one semester.

3- Nine students of Tabriz’s University formally reprimanded

4- Two students of Esfahan’s University verbally reprimanded



k) Interrogation of certain MPs:


1-     Fatemeh Hghight-jo, MP Tehran

2-     Ali Akbar Mohteshami, MP Tehran

3-     Hussein  Ansari-rad, MP Naishaboor

4-     Hasel Daseh, MP Sardasht and Piranshahr


l) Prevention of speeches to be made by MPs:

1- Mohsen Armin, MP Tehran

2- Hussein Loghmanian, MP Tehran


m) Gathering of information regarding political, social and cultural activists:

1- Rasoul Montajeb-Nia, Member of the assembly of campaigning clergy.

2- Hadi Ghabel, Member of the Mosharekat (Participation) Party.

3- Mustafa Taj Zadeh, Member of the Mosharekat (Participation) Party.

4- Mohsen Kadeevar, Member of the movement for free expression in the media.

5- Mash-Allah Shams-Alvouzein, Member of the movement for free expression in the media

6- Dr. Reza Farji-Dana, Director - Tehran University

7- Dr. Ahmad Naeemy-Far, Director – Amir Kabir University.

8- Dr. Mohammad Shartash, Director – University of Elm Va Sanat.

9- Dr. Said Samna-Nian, Director - Tarbiat Modarres

10- Dr. Najafgoli Habibi, Director -  Allama Tabatabai University

n)  Political, cultural and social activists that have been, summoned, investigated or imprisoned:

1- Changeez Jenat-Avar, Tabriz

2- Golam-Hussein Goudarzi, Khoramabad

3- Manoucher Azizi, Tabriz

4- Amir Saran, Shahryar

5- Ehsan Arjemand Haghighi, KermanShah (Two month imprisonment)

6- Farogh Rasoolian, Bookan (Four years imprisonment)

7- Davoud Bagheri, Arak (Arrested)

8- Four members of the Iran Democratic Front (IDF) were arrested in the city of Mashhad.


o) Cases of torture and threats:

1- National-religious activist, Hadi Ehtezazi

2- Hussein Mojahed, Mosharekat (Participation) Party

3- Said Razawi Faghieh, Daftar Tahkim Vahdat

4- Boniad Shahmoradi, parliamentary candidate

5- Tavoli Safri, parliamentary candidate


p) Individuals executed:

1- Mahmoud , a 22 year old from Bandare Gaz.

2- Mehdi, also from Bandare Gaz

3- Mahzyar, a 20 year old from Tehran

4- Rameen, Tehran

5- Mahmad Mahmad-Zadeh, a 21 year old from Ilam executed after serving four years in prison.

6- A woman whose name was undisclosed in the city of Ghazvin.

7- Three individuals in the city of Khoy.


q) Individuals sentenced to death:

1- Ghader, Tehran

2- Hassan Khany

3- Faezeh, Tehran

4- Said, Tehran

5- Reza, Tehran

6- Nabi Chehr, Tehran

7- Babak, Tehran

8- Ali-Reza, Tehran

9- Mustafa, Tehran


r) Amputations:

1- Rouh  Allah of the city of Dezful was subject to 50 floggings and the amputation of four fingers from his right hand.


s) Suppression of public demonstrations:

As a result of the revolutionary guards firing bullets into the peaceful workers demonstration(sanctuary) in Shareh Babak, four people were killed, one hundred wounded and approximately a further one-hundred people were arrested.





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