Summary of the monthly reports:


21st Febuary-19th March 2004


Unfortunately, once again in the last month Iranian regime has widely violated and breached Human Rights in Iran. This monthly report only includes the news, which has been officially reported by the Iranian media.


During the last month we continue to hear and read about the violation of human rights. The activities of human right in Iran (based in Europe and North America) have been carefully monitoring the social and political situation in the country. A large number of cases have been reported specially concerning students, journalist and the media. The cases are as follows:



 A) Tribunal Media:


1) Eisah Sehar-Khiz, Director of ‘Aftab’ (Monthly magazine)  

2) Hoshang Mohammed Rehimi-Far, Director of ‘Payam Shady’ (Monthly Magazine)

3) Mohammed-Sadegh Doord-Gar, Director of ‘Besoyeh Pirozzi’ (Monthly magazine)

4) Mohammed Jondeghi-Zadeh, Director of ‘Sinama’ and ‘Varzesh’ (Weekly Magazine)

5) Iraj Jamshidi, Chief Editor of ‘Asiya’ Newspaper (prisoner)

6) Mohammed Hassan Ali-Pour, Director of ‘Aban’, a banned magazine.

7) Ali Yousef-Pour, Director of ‘Siasat Rooz’ newspaper and ‘Zard Kooh’ (Weekly   magazine)

8) Habeeb Rahmani, news correspondent of ‘Etemad’ newspaper.


B) Journalist Summoned to Court:


1) Moosavi Langaroodi, Director of ‘Golbaf’ magazine.

2) Feredoon Gol-Afra, Director of ‘Keshavarz’ (Monthly magazine).

3) Directors of two banned newspapers ‘Ham Meehan’ and ‘Bunyan’.

4) Majid Ghasemi Feizabadi, Director of ‘Naseem Saba’ newspaper.

5) Ali-Reza Alavi-Tebar, Chief Editor of two banned newspapers ‘Sobhe Emrooz’ and ‘Bunyan’.

6) Faramarz Seidd Aghaei, News correspondent of ‘Iran’ newspaper.


C) Journalists Investigated:


1) Mehdi Rahmanian, Director of ‘Shargh’ newspaper.

2) Ahmad Naboei, Director of ‘Nedayeh Eslahat’ (Weekly magazine)

3) Director of a publication ‘Koocheh Ma’.

4) Director of Lootus (Monthly magazine)

5) Feredoon Amoo-Zadeh Khaleeli, Director of ‘Chelcheragh’.

6) Mustofi Kavakabayan, Director of ‘Mardom Salari’.

7) Abdol-Rasoul Vesal, Director of ‘Iran’ newspaper.

8) Mohammed Naemi-Pour, Director of a banned newspaper ‘Yase Nou’.

9) Kevan-Samimi Behbahani, Director of ‘Nameh’ (Monthly magazine)

10) Ali-Saleh Abadi, Director of ‘Hambastegi’ newspaper.

11) Emad-Aldin Baghi


D) Detained Journalists


1) Farshad Gharban-Pour, Journalist for ‘Geelan Emrooz’ newspaper.

2) Payam Fezely-Nejad, Chief Editor of ‘Sinama’ (Weekly magazine)

3) Ensafali Hedayat, Independent journalist. 


E) Banned Media:


1) ‘Tabaristan’ (Weekly magazine)

2) ‘Ghalam Moalem’ (Weekly magazine)

3) ‘Vaghayea Etefaghiyeh’ (Student’s magazine)


F) Sentenced Journalists:


1) Shahram Mohammed-Neeya, Director of a publication ‘Vaght’, fined 2 million toman

2) Majid Gahsemi-Feizabadi, Director of ‘Naseem Sabah’ newspaper fined 300 thousand toman.


G) Students Summoned to Court:


1) Mohammed-Ali Ebadi, (Tarbiyat Moallem University)

2) Mohammed Farghdani, (Khajeh-Nasir University)

3) Arash Hashemi, (Sanati Sharif University)

4) Jamshid Khatemi, (Mashad Azad University)

5) Mehdi Habibi, (Amirkabir University)

6) Akbar Nori, (Tehran University)

7) Hadi Amiri Tehran’s, (Khajeh Nasir University)

8) Mohammed-Reza Naseb-Abdulahi


H) Students Called for Hearing:


1) Payman Aref, (Tehran University)

2) Roozbah Shafiei, (Khajeh Nasir University)


I) Detained Students:


1) Esmail Cheraghy, (Yazd University)

2) Masdeeq Keshavarz, (Yazd University)

3) Mohtaby Sanae, (Yazd University)

4) Ali-Reza Sultani, (Yazd University)

5) Sobhani, (Yazd University)

6) Bahram Feyazi, (Shiraz University)

7) Reza Al-Ahmad, (Yazd University)

8) Saeid Rahimi, (Shiraz University)

9) Mojtaba Bakhshandeh, (Tarbiyat Moallem University) 

10) Reza Rostami-Khazaei, (Tarbiyat Moallem University)

11) Reza Hassani-Pedram, (Tarbiyat Moallem University)


J) Students on Trial:


1) Hassan-Ali Varzandeh, (Tehran University)

2) Farab Samimi, (Islami Kar University)

3) Abdullah Moamani


K) Students Charged:


1) Reza Ameri-Nasab, seven months imprisonment and ten lashes (Shiraz University)

2) Khybar Dadbeen, one year suspended sentence (Tehran University)

3) Yashar Karimi, one year suspended sentence (Hamadan’s Bouali Sina University)


L) Students on Bail:


1) Ghasam Azimi-Ataei, six months imprisonment (Sabzevar’sTarbiyat Moallem University)


M) Interrogation of MPs:


1) Mohammed-Reza Ali-Hussieni, MP Nahavand

2) Ali-Mohammed Namazi, MP Lenjan

3) Mohsen Armin, MP Tehran

4) Alyas Hazrati, MP Tehran

5) Mohammad Bagher Bagheri-Nejadiyan –Fard, MP Kazeroon

6) Gholom-Haydar Ebrahim-Bay Eslami, MP Khaf

7) Mohammed Ghomi, MP Pakdasht

8) Hasel Daseh, MP Sardasht and Piranshahre

9) Ahmad Shirzad, MP Esfahan

10) Ali Tajer-Niya, MP Mashhad

11) Behroz Afghami, MP Tehran

12) Mohsen Mirdamadi, MP Tehran

13) Mohammed-Reza Khatemi, MP Tehran

14) Rajab-Ali Mazroei, MP Esfahan

15) Mansour Soleymani- Meymandi, MP Shahr-Babak

16) Mohammed Naeimi-Pour, MP Tehran



N) Suppression of Public Demonstration:


1) Those who demonstrated in Bam were arrested (It is worthwhile reminding that these people recently experience a devastating earthquake).

2) 120 demonstrators in Piranshahr were arrested.

3) 300 demonstrators in Marivan were arrested.

4) 20 demonstrators in Baneh were arrested.

5) 200 demonstrators in Pars-Abad were arrested.

6) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Feredoon-Kenar, killing one person and injuring a further 68 people.

7) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Ardalan and injuring some demonstrators.


8) 100 demonstrators in Khaf were arrested.

9) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Firooz-Abad, killing 3 demonstrators.

10) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Ezeh, killing 4 and injuring many other demonstrators.


11) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Mahabad, killing one person, and injuring one. In addition 15 demonstrators were arrested.


12) Police forces fired on peaceful demonstrators in Bokan, killing one person and injuring 80 others.



O) Enforced Death Sentences:


1) Mohamad-Ali Firooz-Abadi, from Marvdasht

2) Kamal Jaber-Pour, from Marand

3) Mohammed-Reza Abbadini, 65 years old from Tehran

4) Saidullah 19 years old from Baneh

5) Delbar.M, 24 years old from Baneh


P) Death Caused by Police Arms:


1) Ali Faragi from Baneh

2) Shahin from Tehran

3) Abdullah Nokoordari from Sardasht

4) Amir.V 35 years old from Tehran


Q) Suspicious Deaths


1) Asmaeil Yousefi (he was an asylum seeker who was deported to Iran by the Norwegian authority)

2) Afshin-Rad (prisoner)

3) Mohsen Mofidi 35 years old (died as a result of 80 lashes)


R) Public, Cultural and Social Activities that have been, Summoned, Investigated or Imprisoned:


1) Mohammad-Sadegh Javadi Hesar, from Mashad.                                                      

2) Davad Bagheri, from Arak.

3) Mohsen Sazgara, one-year imprisonment in Tehran.

4) Farhad Dolati, six months imprisonment in Tehran.

5) Jamshid Zarai, Tabreez.

6) Ali-Mohammad Jahangiri, Andimeshk

7) Five people from the writers association were investigated by the Information ministry.

8) Abdullah Nasseri, Managing Director of ‘Irna’

9) Abdullah Ramzanzadeh, Government spokesman.

10) A film called ‘Marmulak’ was banned.

11) Playing snooker in Mahalat was banned.

12) Ershad Alijani, Houman Kazmiyan, Kaveh Mozferi and Massoumeh Akbarbegy were arrested.


S) Individuals likely to be executed:


1) Saeid Masouri, political prisoner (Avin prison in Tehran)

2) Hejat Zamani, an Iranian asylum seeker who was deported from Turkey, Tehran.

3) Kebryeh Rahman-Pour, Tehran.

4) Afsaneh Noroozi, Tehran.



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