Summary of the monthly repor : 20th April – 20th  May   



A) Tribunal Media


1- Ali-Saleh Abadi, director of ‘Hambastegy’ newspaper.

2- Hamid-Reza Ashtiyani, director of ‘Beh Souyeh Eftekhar’ (weekly magazine).

3- Mohammad Khaksar, director of ‘Ghalam Moalem’ (weekly magazine).

4- Mehrdad Rayeani, director of ‘Honar Hafteh’

5- Mohammad Safy Zadeh, director of ‘Ebrar’ and ‘Ebrar Eghtesadi’ newspapers.

6- Amir-Hussein Gharah, director of ‘Vatan’

7- Ahmad Soleman Zadeh, director of ‘Cheestan’ (weekly magazine).

8- Mehdi Rahmanian, director of ‘Shargh’ newspaper.

9- Ebrahim Eyani-Fard, director of ‘Peeramoun’

10- Saeed-Reza Nikbaght, director of ‘Jelveh’

11- Sadegheh Taleay, director of ‘Honar Zendegy’

12- Parveesh Barnagy, director of ‘Mouseghi Gharn’

13- Mohammad-Reza Nesbat Abdulahi, director of special edition of ‘Gonagon’ magazine


B) Journalist summoned to court


1- Mohammad-Ali Koozehgar, director of ‘Andeesheh Farda’ (weekly magazine)

2- Ghali Sheeghy, director of ‘Tosaeh’ newspaper.

3- Mehanz Hevidah, director of ‘Rayehzan Javan’ (weekly magazine)

4- Majid Ghasemi Feiz-Abadi, director of ‘Naseem Saba’ newspaper


C) Detained Journalist


1- Masoud Almas, director of “Sedayeh Zanjan” (weekly magazine).

2- Masseh Allah-Sultani, director of ‘Sedayeh Ranjan’ (weekly magazine.


D) Suppression of media


1- Mohammad Hussein Ali-Pour, director of ‘Aban’ was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and banned from working in the media for 2 years.

2- Ahmad Zeid-Abadi, banned for 5 years from conducting interviews in national and international media.

3- ‘Nedayeh Azarbeijan’ was banned for 2 months and fined 3 million rials.

4- A weekly magazine called ‘Gorgan Emrooz’ was banned.

5- Aesi Sahar-Gheez, director of ‘Aftab’ (a monthly magazine) was fined 2 million rials and banned from working in the media for 6 months.

7- In excess of 50 commercial internet companies were shut down by security officers.

8- ‘Navaeh Nou’ magazine was banned by the controlling committee (Sahand-e-Tabriz university).

9- A book called ‘Chrik-hayeh Javan’ was banned.


E)  Students summoned to court


1- Rozbeh Shafiei ( Khajeh Nasir Tosi University)

2- Mohammad-Ali Abadi (Tarbiyat Moalem University).

3- Abas Shekoohmand (Tarbiyat Moalem)

4- Abas Sharfi (Tarbiyat Moalem)

5- Davood Hassan-Pour (Adabiyat Tehran University)

6- Babak Vaghaei (Eroumieh University)

7- Mehdi Heydari (Yazd University)

8- Ali-Reza Pahniya (Yazd University)

9- Another 13 students (Yazd University)


F) Sentenced students


1- Ali-Reza Khoshbakht (Bou-Ali Seena University), 3 years imprisonment.

2- Yahyah Safi Aryan (Bou-Ali Seena University). 3 years imprisonment.

3- Vahid Abadiyani, studying law and political science (University of Tehran), 12 months imporisonment

4- Mehdi Saberi Tabar (Bou-Ali Seena University), 18 months imprisonment.

5- Ahmad Moshkelati, 12 months imporisonment

6- Ali Farghi (Amir Kabir University) 6 months imprisonment.

8- Kameran Molaei (Eilam Universtiy) 18 months imprisonment.

9- Reza Vafaei Beganeh (Eilam University) 18 months imprisonment.

10- Ghodrat Allah Nekoo-Tabar (Eilam University) 18 months imprisonment.

11- Ehsan Jamshidi (Eilam University) 18 months imprisonment.

12- Ahamd Haseebi (Eilam University) 12 months imprisonment.

13- Reza Payam-Pour (Eilam University) 9 months imprisonment.

14- Saed Emanati (Eilam University) 6 months imprisonment.

15- Hamid Beek-Poush (Eilam University) 6 months imprisonment.

16- Eraj Kamari (Bou-Ali Seena University) 6 months imprisonment.


G) Detained students


1- Reza Abassi (Ranjan University)

2- Saed Naemi (Ranjan University)

3- Behrooz Ghalaghi (Yazd University)

4- Noyad Gholammi (Yazd University)

5- Amir Eshaghi (Yazd University)

6- 40 students were captured (Ghasivan University)

7- Majid Moghadi (University of Ferdosi)


H) Activists students that have been summoned, investigation or called for hearing


1- Reza Kakavand (Bou-Ali Seena University)

2- Ghareeb Sajadi (Tarbiyat Moalem)

3- Poryah Hashemi (Tarbiyat Moalem)

4- Najtiyar Mahmoud-Pour (Tarbiyat Moalem)

5- Amir Eftenaei (University of Ferdosi)

6- Ehsan Bagharzadeh (University of Ferdosi)

7- Rashidiyan (University of Ferdosi)

8- Fetahi (University of Ferdosi)

9- Rajb Zadeh (University of Ferdosi)

10- 10 students from (University of Seestan and Balouchestan)

11- Davood Hassan-Pour (University of Adabiyat)

12- Abdullah Momani (Tabatabaei University)

13- Hadi Soud-Bar (Eroumieh University)

14- Amir Raeit (Tehran University)


I) Murders


1- Simine –B Open university ( Jiroft )


J) Suppression, violation and prevention of students meetings


1- The prohibition of a speech given by Ali Afshari (Tehran University)

2- Prohibition of a speech given by Lotfola Mysami (Jondisha-pour University)

3- Attack on around 200 students by plain cloth officers (Esfahan University)


K) Expelled from University


1-Ahmad Armaghan (University of Technology – Mazanderan)



L) Prevention of film demonstrations


1- Yek Zan –Yek Shahr ( Director, Ebrahim Sheybani )

2- Yek Boss Kocholo     (Director , Bahman Farman - Ara )

3-  Faramooshi                  ( Director, Mosan Makhmalbaf

4- Kama                           ( Unmention director )

5- Marmolak


M) Interrogation of certain MP’s


1- Vali-ala Shoja ( Behbahan)

2- Jelaj Jalali- zadeh ( Sanandej )

3- Fatam –Hghighat-jo ( Tehran)

4- Beh-ajdin Adb (Sanandej )


N) Political, Cultural and Social activists that have been sentenced


1- Taghi Rahmani, 7 years imprisonment.

2- Hadi Saber, 5 and a half years imprisonment.

3- Reza Ali-Jani, 4 years imprisonment.

4- Hamid Tavaka-Malaki the author of the book ‘Iranian Woman Musician’ ( 1 million Tomas fine)

5- Maliheh Maghazeh-ie Translator (1.5 millions Tomans fine )

6- Majid Sajadi  ( 3 millions Tomas fine and one year suspension from his job

7- Ali Chaldavi ( 2.5 years imprison )

8- 9 personalities from the world of cinema and television, were given fines and sentenced to lashings and banned from taking part in any form of artistic activity.


O) Tribunal of Politic, cultural, and social, activates


1- Hamid Noeay (Tehran)

2- Aeoub Kargar (Tehran)

3- Saed Nadali Mazaveh (Tehran)

4- Mohammad Salamati (Tehran)

5- Reza Gol-Pour


P) Detention and interrogation of political activists


1- Tajik Esmah-Ali (Karaj)

2- Mohammad Ghali-Pour (Ganabad)

3- Saed Naemi (Tehran)

4- Yaghoub Saleki-Niya (Tehran)

5- Ghala-Marza Amani (Tehran)

6- Javad Mosouyeh (Tehran)

7- Mohammad Fezli (Tehran)

8- Ebrahim Jaefrzadeh (Tehran)

9- Saed Moghanali (Tehran)

10- Saed Sadri (Tehran)

11- Sara Abassi (Tehran)

12- Dr Abdullahi (Tehran)

13- Yasoub Aldin Rostgari Gouibari alongside his 3 sons, (Ghom)

14- Jalal Husseini (Saghz)

15- Berhan Devangard (Saghz)

16- Mohammad Abadi-Pour (Saghz)

17- Mohammad Sahi (Saghz)

18- Hadi Tanoumand (Saghz)

19- Esmael Ghodkam (Saghz)

20- Mohsen Hakimi (Saghz)

21- Zehra Jamali (Tehran)

22- Karim Bagheri (Tehran)

23- Amin Kard alongside two people (Tehran)

24- Mehdi Jaibi (Tehran)



R) Death in prison caused by torture


1- Farhad Sahrifi (Saghz)



S) Death penalty


1- 3 people in Khoram -Abad.

2- Leyla, 19 year old in Arak.

3- Ali-Reza in Tehran.


T) Killing and suppression


1- Shooting at people in Takhteh Sanghi and Gashki villages (located between Mariwan and Kamyaran ) one person called Taghi Rahmany was killed

2- 12  Suni soldiers were killed by a Revolutionary guard in the town on Oroumeih

3- 2 people killed in Sistan and Bolochestan

4- In year 2003 , 175 drug smuggler have been killed.


U) List of ignored sick prisoner needs emergency treatments


1- Seyamak Pour-Zand, 73 year old.

2- Ensafaeli Hedayat

3- Ali-Reza Jabari, member of ‘Kanoon Nevisandegan Iran’

4- Hossian Bamdad  ( He has been in prison from 1986 )

5- Dr Farzad Hamedi.


V) Collectively arrested


1- 8 workers from the glass factory (Hamedan).

2- 55 people in Tehran.

3- 59 people in Esfahan.

4- 501 people in Mashad.

5- 258 thousand people were arrested, supposedly for being drug addicts.

6- 116 people summoned to court in Khalkhal.



Sources: ILNA , ISNA and other newspapers


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