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Summary of the monthly report :( 20th May- 19th June)

Our monthly report includes only news that has been officially reported by Iranian media.


To all who love freedom!


A- Tribunal Media:

1) Mohamad Reza Khadem Shams, editor in chief of Sedaje Euoromieh’ (weekly magazine)


B- Journalist summoned to court:


1) Mashaallah Shams Alvaezin, President of the Society of Defense of Press Freedom in Iran.

2) Abbas Kakavand. Ex. Auditor of Resalat.


C- Sentenced Journalist:


1) Farhat Fardnia, editor of Aftab Emroz


D- Forbidden press

1) Aftab Emroz


E- Investigated by court:


1) Mostafa Nasehi, editor in chief of Tabarestan(weekly magazine)

2) Sajadi, editor in chief of Touseeh(newspaper)

3) Sedighe Taleei, editor in chief of Honare Zendegi(magezin)

4) Mohamad Ali Kozeh Gar, editor in chief of Andishe Javan (weekly magazine)

5) Aboul Fazel Fateh, Director of Iranian Students’ News Agency


F- Imprisoned Journalist


1) Abbas Kakavand, Resalat (newspaper)

2) Mohamad Sedigh Kabodvand , Pyam Mardom(weekly magazine)


G- Imprisoned Students


1) Reza Mardi, Karaj University

2) Hanieh Nemati, Tehran University, member of Women Democratic Association

3) Shiva Nazari Ahari, Mola sadra University, member of Women Democratic Association

4) Maryam Khorrami, Pyam Nour University, member of Women Democratic Association

5) Bonyad Shahmoradi, Abou Ali Sina University.


H- Students summoned to court:


1) Marof Mohamadi, Eroumieh University

2) Hadi Sodbar, Eroumieh University

3) Aref Haghaani, Eroumieh University

4) Masoud Erfan, Eroumieh University

5) Babak Vafai, Eroumieh University

6) Behzad Tiz Nou Piek, Eroumieh University

7) Ali Sadeghi, Khaje Nasier University

8) Mehdi Ardalani, Eroumieh University

9) Mehdi Jebeeli, Eroumieh University

10) Peyman Sharifai, Beheshti University

11) Mohamad Hossien Ajdadi, Tehran University

12) Rahim Hasani Tabar, Zanjan University

13) Ali Minai, Pyam Nour University, Khoda bande Town


I- Students sentenced by court:


1) Payman Peeran sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.


J- Students summoned to disciplinary court:


1) Ehsan Bagher Zadeh (Ferdosi University, Mashhad)


K- Students sentenced by disciplinary court:


1) 10 students (Ahwas University)

2) 20 students (Eroumieh University,)

3) 20 students (Eroumieh University)

4) Massoud Tati (Mazandaran University)

5) Yahya Safi Aryan (Bou Ali Sina University)

6) Ali Reza Khoshbakht (Bou Ali Sina University)


L- Students sentenced by publishing disciplinary commission:


1) Editor in chief of newsletter, Az Shanbe ta shanbe, Share Kurd Universtiy

2) Editor in chief of newsletter, Keshavarze Javan, Eroumieh University

3) Editor in chief of newsletter, Typaniz, Eroumieh University

4) Editor in chief of newsletter, Zaylan, Eroumieh University


M-Threat to death

Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdol allahi, Vali Aser University, the city of Rafsanjan


N-Death by torture


Hasan Hasan Pour , Gonabad prison


O- Politic, Cultural and Social Activists that have been summoned, investigated or imprisoned:


1) Ali Sadegh , Teachers Association, in city Kermanshah 

2) Mohamad Tavkoli, Teachers Association, in city Kermanshah 

3) Alireza Ghobadi, Teachers Association, in city Kermanshah 

4) Moreteza Mobalegh, in city Tehran

5) Governor of city Masjed Solieman

6) Chief of Kanone Nedaje Hambastegi in city Khonsar

7) Governor of city Ghom

8) Governor of city Darab

9) Governor of city Zarin Shahr

10) Governor of city Brojerd

11) Governor of city Tehran

12) Governor of city Khorram Darreh

13) Governor of city Tehran

14) Governor of city Islam Sharh

15) Governor of city Afshar

16) Governor of city Tarom

17) Governor of city MahNeshan

18) Governor of city Soltanieh

19) Mojtaba Lotfi, member of Ayatoallah Montazeri’s office

20) Sourosh Farhadiyan, political activist, city of Arak

21) Feridon Saidi, political activist, city of Arak

22) Ali reza Jabbari, member of writer association

23) Mahmoud Mir Lohi, deputy manager of interior ministry

24) Mohamad Javad Karkhi, governor of the city Ghom

25) Hasan Zarezadeh Aredeshir, Democratic front of Iran

26) Saaid Kelaneki, Democratic front of Iran

27) Kianoush Sanjari, Democratic front of Iran

28) Amin Kur, Democratic front of Iran

29) Behroz Javid Tehrani, Democratic front of Iran

30) Ali Rezai, Democratic front of Iran

31) Hasan Ghisari, Democratic front of Iran

32) Ali Nazjou, National Union Group

33) Babak Saran, National Union Group

34) Mss. Alavi Shoshatri, National Union Group

35) Amir Saran, National Union Group

36) Ali Sarmadi, National Union Group

37) Saaid Emamian, National Union Group

38) Ali Firozi, National Union Group

39) Ghasem Aidin, National Union Group

40) Asad Sheghagi, National Union Group

41) Reza Mardi, National Union Group

42) Isalm Babai, Azari author

43) Hasan Ali Mahdavi Cheshem Gachi, the leader of development party , in city Kermanshah

44) Fatemeh Govarai

45) Mahmoud Kashani


P-Sentenced Politic, Cultural and Social Activists:


1) Ali Mohamad Jahangiri, Melli Mazhabi group, Andimeshk, 6 months imprisonment

2) Hasan Asgari, Melli Mazhabi group, Andimeshk, 91 days imprisonment

3) Shapor Reshnov, Melli Mazhabi group, Andimeshk, 91 days imprisonment

4) Ezatallah Jafari, Melli Mazhabi group, Andimeshk, 91 days imprisonment

5) Nemat Ahmadi, Lawyer , Tehran,

6) Rhman Heidari, Social activist , the city of Marivan, 5 years  imprisonment, 2 years banishment



Q-Prisoners executed

1) Ali Elbaie , Khoram Abad

2) Safar Khodsiai , Khoram Abad

3)Omid Davati, Khoram Abad

4)Ibrahim- N Tehran

5) Salamn, Tehran


R- Suppression and killing:


1) Aziz Pishang in the province Kurdestan

2) Salah Ahmadi in the province Kurdestan

3) Azem Aldin Khayat in the province Kurdestan

4) Ibrahim Hatami


Z- Death sentences:

1) Hasan in the province Mazandaran

2) Mohamad Reza in the province Mazandaran

3) Hamid Reza in the province Mazandaran

4) Nabi in the province Mazandaran

5) Sahroz in the province Mazandaran

6) Novrooz in the province Mazandaran

7) Ali Sokhte Zadeh in the city Ahwaz

8) A women in the city Tehran

9) A man in the city Tehran

10) Ezat allah (M) in the city Tabriz

11) Zahra in the city Karaj

12) Hashem in the city Mashhad

13) Mahmod in the city Tehran

14) Shahla Jahed in the Tehran


AA-People arrested


1) 76 people in a festivity in city Sajad Shahr , Mashhad

2) 76 people in a festivity in city Tehran

3) 34 in a festivity in city in Mashhad

4) Whipping of 32 People in the city of Tabriz

5) Whipping of 2 People the city of Mashhad




1- Iranian Students’ news agency (Isna)

2- Iranian Labor news agency (Ilna)

3-Other media issue in Iran


The name of Iranian human rights associations in Europe and North America

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