An open letter

To all noble humans, and all human right defender bodies



I, Abolfazl Rahmanpour, the father of Kobra Rahmanpour pledges you to protest to the unfair sentence of my young daughter. Kobra, my young daughter, was forced to marry a man, 43 years older than herself. Kobra was a good student in her school and her wish was to study in the university but she was forced to forget all of her wishes because of the extreme poverty of the family. Kobra had a hard life before marriage and after marriage her life became even worse. The extremeness of problems and sufferings that she had to take in a family that look at her first as a servant and then as a daughter-in-law, was so much that made a kind girl like her to commit a murder in an accident and while defending herself. Kobra spent the best years of her youth in the prison and with the threat of death. She has suffered so much and has completely fallen. It is so many years that she can feel the execution

rope on her neck and her life goes on with sensing death, she shouldn’t suffer more tortures. When look at her colourless eyes, fallen teeth, and senseless body I always ask myself what did I do wrong? What shouldn’t I have done? Whose fault is this?

As she has said herself she wants to live and she is scared from the execution, the rope and the crane. She wants to go to university and study. Kobra is a very kind girl, her inmates can testify that. She should be free as soon as possible to go back to her normal life. Our only hope is the protest of you, noble people, to this unjust sentence. The only way of preventing this sentence is the protest of all of the people, human rights defending bodies, committees against the executions and international bodies. Just for a second thought what me and Kobra’s mother are going true to realize how horrible are this days. I wouldn’t mind to be executed instead of Kobra, is that possible? I have always worked from day to night, but I don’t know why our destiny went this way? I and Kobra’s mother have no hope to life or another thing beside Kobra. Help us. Save my Family, my disabled son who always asks about her sister, Kobra, from this horror of execution of our dear Kobra. We are waiting for your definite actions. We all ask you to sign this letter. I know that there is no time and we are in last seconds. I ask for your help once more, in these last seconds. Sign this letter to show that you also demand Kobra’s Freedom!


For Save the Life of Mrs.Kobra Rahmanpour Please Sign the petition or send your message to. Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroodi

Head of the Judiciary 


Islamic Republic of Iran

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