Man publicly hanged in southern Iran town    Sat. 17 Sep 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 17 – An Iranian man was hanged in public in the volatile town of Ahwaz, southwest Iran, on Saturday morning, Iran state-run news agency reported.

Jassem H., also known by his nickname Abbass Khosreji, was accused of being “Mohareb”, or waging war on God.

In the past, Iran’s judiciary has executed political opponents of the Islamic Republic on the charge of being a Mohareb.

Ahwaz, provincial capital of Khuzistan, is home to Iran’s ethnic Arab population and has been a hotbed of anti-government demonstrations. Throughout the months of April and July, the city was the scene of large-scale clashes between people and government forces.

Separately, on Friday, a young man identified only as Mohammad-Reza F. was hanged in a penitentiary centre in the city of Yazd, central Iran.