Clashes erupt in oil-rich southern Iran city    Mon. 19 Sep 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 19 – Clashes erupted at night in the strategic oil-rich city of Ahwaz, southern Iran, between people and State Security Forces (SSF), residents reported on Monday.

The rioting began Sunday evening in the poverty-stricken districts of Shilang-Abad and Malashieh where dozens of anti-government protestors were killed by security forces in the month of April, according to those present at the scene.

As several large crowds gathered in the two districts, agents of the SSF were brought in to prevent an escalation of protests. People threw stones at government buildings and vehicles belonging to the SSF while they also set alight tyres in the streets, residents reported.

The SSF attacked protestors, according to eye witnesses; however, it was unclear whether any arrests were made.

The strategic area contains much of Iran’s oilfields.