Iran says arrested trouble-makers will not be released    Sat. 10 Sep 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 10 – Trouble-makers that are arrested in Iran will be held in prison indefinitely until their networks are rooted out by the State Security Forces (SSF), the state prosecutor’s office told a state-owned news agency on Saturday.

“All trouble-makers that are arrested as part of the social security plan will be detained until their files are seen to”, Ahmad Movahed, the head of the Prosecutor’s Office to Fight Trouble-makers told the Fars news agency, in response to a question on whether individuals arrested as part of the new crackdown would be released on bail.

Authorities routinely refer to anti-government activists or ordinary people deemed to act in un-Islamic ways as trouble-makers.

Movahed added that those arrested would remain locked up until their “networks” were discovered.

He said that the judiciary hoped to put an end to disruptions in society with the help of the security forces.

Movahed said that some 50 individual who were caught selling alcohol or pornographic CDs had already been arrested in
Tehran under the new initiative.