Iran launches 20-day crackdown    Wed. 7 Sep 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 07 – Iran’s State Security Forces have started a 20-day-long crackdown on “trouble-makers”, Iran’s state-run press, quoting the country’s judiciary spokesman, reported on Wednesday.

“This plan which was prepared by the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office will take place for a period of 20 days by the appropriate organs, including the State Security Forces, the [Ministry of] Intelligence [and Security (MOIS)], the Revolutionary Guards, and the Bassij”, Jamal Karimi-Rad, the judiciary spokesman and Iran’s newly-installed Minister of Justice, said.

“In the process of carrying out this plan, individuals who for whatever reason do not adhere to the law and regulations and commit a crime which disrupts public peace will be dealt with”, Karimi-Rad said.

The minister added that all 18 of
Tehran’s justice chambers have a special interrogator for handling “special national security” cases.

Karimi-Rad went on to say that the new plan had been launched to coincide with the new Iranian school year.

Authorities routinely refer to anti-government activists as trouble-makers.