Iran police to step up crackdown on women    Sun. 4 Sep 2005



Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Sep. 04 – The commander of Iran’s State Security Forces in the city of Orumieh, northwest Iran, threatened on Sunday that police would crackdown “forcefully and decisively” on women who were not properly veiled.

Speaking to reporters, Colonel Rasoul Khorshidi-Far said, “The main aim of the State Security Forces in combating mal-veiling is to build [Islamic] culture in society. If any opposition is witnessed in this regard, it will be decisively dealt with”.

Colonel Khorshidi-Far added that if any woman refuses to obey the instructions of the police in covering herself with a veil, she would have to appear in court to face prosecution.

In August,
Iran’s judicial spokesman vowed that “improperly-veiled women” will be treated as if they had no Islamic veil at all.

“Being improperly veiled and not wearing a veil are no different. When it is clear from the appearance of a woman that she has violated the law, then the crime is obvious and law enforcement agents can take legal measures against her”, Jamal Karimi-Rad said.

“Crimes such as mal-veiling or other prohibited acts, which happen before the eyes of a law enforcement agent, are evident crimes and must be dealt with in accordance with the law”.

Women have been facing a harsher crackdown since the June elections that led to Ahmadinejad’s presidency