Iran town’s jail has 30 prisoners on death row    Wed. 24 Aug 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 24 – There are 30 prisoners on death row in a prison in the town of Arak, central Iran, according to the area’s Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor.

Hamzeh Pakbin said that the prisoners had all been sentenced to hanging for a variety of crimes, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

“At present, these 30 individuals are in prison and their execution sentences have been handed down. These individuals remain in Arak Prison and it is unclear how the complainants will act, since the victims’ next of kin have not stepped forward and have not made any requests”, Pakbin said.

Iran’s religious laws, a person convicted of murder and sentenced to death can be given clemency by the victim’s family who may seek blood money. The law specifies that the blood money for a woman is half that of a man.