Iran Revolutionary Guards’ brutality against Kurds backfires    Wed. 3 Aug 2005


Iran Focus

Tehran, Iran, Aug. 03 – On Tuesday, July 26, plainclothes agents from the intelligence directorate of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps took 18 detained Kurdish men from the restive towns of Baneh and Marivan to a barren location and, after a violent rough-up, forced them to strip naked and walk back to their towns.

The Revolutionary Guards were trying to intimidate young people in this restive area of western
Iran into silence after days of anti-government protests that have spread to several towns and cities. But the brutality and humiliation inflicted on the Kurds have only inflamed an already tense situation.

The day after the 18 men were beaten and stranded, angry Kurds seeking revenge attacked police patrols in the region killing five agents of
Iran’s State Security Forces.

Tensions have increased dramatically in the area since the events of July 26 and there have been several other violent attacks on agents of the SSF in recent days.

In a bid to contain the situation, the local authorities claimed this week that the perpetrators of the crime were Kurdish dissidents posing as Revolutionary Guards, who wanted to “incite people against the Islamic Republic”. As could be expected, the belated attempt to calm down the anger of local Kurds has not been successful and anti-government protests are continuing in different parts of the region