In the name of freedom and peace

To dear Finland ambassador (the Chairman of the European Community)


Dear Sir

In continuation of human rights violation and systematic arresting and imprisoning of human rights activists which is being done by Islamic regime in Iran, Keyvan Rafi'ee (human rights activist) has been kept in solitary for more than 120 days in section 209 of Evin Prison and is being tortured physically and psychologically.

Mr. Rafi'ee has been arrested on July 9th 2006 in Tehran and no one has clarified the reason of his arrest until now. He has been summoned and threatened by the Intelligence Ministry of the regime several times because of his activity on human rights and his support to defend of political prisoners, Workers, Women.

He hasn't met or talked to his family for more than 100 days, doesn't have the right to have an attorney and is being tried in a pre-planed court for unclear accusations and he even doesn't the right to defend himself during the trial.

Mr. Rafi'ee has begun no-water hunger strike twice since then and has got numerous physical and psychological disorders due to the tortures and poor conditions of the prison.

Two other political prisoners named Akbar Mohammadi and Valiollah Feyz-Mahdavi have been died from doubtful hunger strike during last few months and the real reason of their death hasn't been clarified yet, so we humbly ask you to send a report on this subject to the government of your country which has the periodical chairmanship of the European Community and hence force the regime to free Mr. Rafi'ee.



A group of Iranian human rights activists