To: Amnesty International


Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is a well-known fact that during past three weeks several of many Iranian Political Prisoners are in hunger strike.

One of these prisoners is Mr. Keyvan Rafiei who began hunger strike due to his inhumane situation in Evin Prison. Iranian regime and Iranian justice system has not yet responded to his appeal about the conditions.

We are very much concerned about Mr. Rafiei’s health and his condition; we are afraid he might lose his life.

In the past two months two political prisoners, Mr. Akbar Mohammadi and Mr. Valiollah Feiz-Mahdavi have gone on hunger strike and lost their lives in Evin prison.  

To this date Iranian regime has not produced any reports or statements regarding the death of these Political Prisoners.

We appeal to all organizations, governments and freedom loving individuals who believe in justice and human rights to question the government of Iran regarding political prisoners in general and about Mr. Rafiei’s Health in particular.

On Sunday morning, October 8th 2006, The Iranian regime, brutally stormed the house of Ayatollah Hosein e Kazemini-Boroujerdi, arresting him and many of his supporters.  The reason for the arrest was his expressed belief in separation of religion and state.

Iranian News Agency (ILNA), 08.10.2006 reported: In an interview with Tehran's Governor spokesperson, Mr.  Abdolah Roshan, revealed the arrest of about 300 people. He said “all are in Evin Prison in Tehran”.

The following is a partial list of Political Prisoners; some of them have been in prison for over a decade just for expressing their belief.




1-      Mr.Saeid Taghizadeh

2-      Mr. Behzad Asghari

3-      Mr. Javad ghoti

4-      Mr. Ahmad Asghari

5-      Mr. Aboei

6-      Mr. Maroufkhani

7-      Mr. Norbakhsh

8-      Mr. Mojtaba Pourmohammad

9-      Mr. Yaghoub Sadeghi

10-  Mr. Mohammad Davoudi

11-  Mr. Hossein Ranjbar

12-  Mr. Hamid Nadi

13-  Mr. Abas Mobali

14-  Mr. Mohammad Mehmannavaz

15-  Mr. Seyed Jafaar  Seyedmonir

16-  Mr. Seyed Abbas Mirbagheri

17-  Mr. Ali shahrabi

18-  Mr. Hamid Saeidian

19-  Mr. Morteza Abbasrahim

20-  Mr. Moahmmad Yazdi

21-  Mr. Mehdi Shokori

22-  Mr. Davoud Kaboli

23-  Mr. Ahmmad Karimian

24-  Mr. Alireza Shafiei

25-  Mr. Ali Nazari

26-  Mr. Ali Gholizadeh

27-  Mr. Habib Ghoti

28-  Mr. Mohammadreza Sadeghi

29-  Mr. Masoud Samawati

30-  Mr. Alireza Montazersaheb

31-  Mr. Hassan Haristschian

32-  Mr. Mohammad Kordbacheh

33-  Mr. Mohammad Kashefi

34-  Mr. Mehrdad Sory

35-  Mr. Syamak Nouri

36-  Mr. Ali Pourghasem

37-  Mr. Kambiz Hoseini

38-  Mr. Hossein Fatour

39-  Mr. Akbar Fatour

40-  Mr. Heidar Waezi

41-  Mr. Kazem Taheri

42-  Mr. Hassan Mirzaei

43-  Mr. Hossein Mirzaei

44-  Mr. Bahram Mahmoudi

45-  Mr. Mousa Eishi

46-  Mr. Saeid Khadem Haghighi

47-  Mr. Taibeh Kashefi

48-  Mr. Hamid Ghiami

49-  Mr. Mehdi Ghiami

50-  Mr. Ezaat Bashiri

51-  Mr. Seyed Mohammad Kazemini Broujerdi

52-  Mr. Seyed Mehdi Kazemini Brojerdi

53-  Mr. Seyed Naser Mirnoei

54-  Mr. Mohammad Ansari

55-  Mr. Mohsen Mehrjoei

56-  Mr. Mohsen Ebrahimi

57-  Mr. Hamid Ranjbar

58-  Mr. Ghadir

59-  Mr. Seyed Asghar Seyedmonir

60-  Mr. mehdi Saeidi

61-  Mr. Mohsen Saeidi

62-  Mr. Mostafa Sameni

63-  Mr. Abaas Shekari

64-  Mr. Saeid Wakilha

65-  Mr. Amir Montazer

66-  Mr. Majid Karki

67-  Mr. Hassan Dehghan

68-  Mr. Medi Chegini

69-  Mr. Hamid Chagini

70-  Mr. Ali Sayadi

71-  Mr. Ali Sayiadi

72-  Mr. Abbas Zobeiri

73-  Mr. Ramazan Rahimi

74-  Mr. Majid Alsti

75-  Mr. Ali Ahmmadi

76-  Mr. Taghi Naderi

77-  Mr.Hassan Davoudi

78-  Mr. Davoud Assadi

79-  Mr. mohsen Mohammadi

80-  Mr. Majid Hajhassani

81-  Mr. Reza Heidarnejad

82-  Mr- Alireza Mohammadi

83-  Mr. Hassan Mohammadi

84-  Mr. Hosein Paibandan

85-  Mr. Seyed Javad Banyhasheimi

86-  Mr. Abolfazal Lashkari

87-  Mr. Mohammad Taghi Naderi

88-  Mr. Mohammad Shirzad

89-  Mr. Javad Shojaei

90-  Mrs. Taherh Kashefi

91-  Mrs. Mariam Azimi

92-  Mrs. Fatmeh Abdolahvand

93-  Mrs. Najmeh Sameni

94-  Mrs. Fatemeh Sameni

95-  Mrs. Mohammad Ali Hematyar

96-  mrs. Razieh Daoudi

97-  Mrs. Zahra Abdolahvand

98-  Mrs. Ashraf Mohammadi

99-  Mrs. Zahra Younesi

100-                     Mrs. Franak Mohammadi

101-                     Mrs. Zohreh Ansari

102-                     Mrs. Meisam

103-                     Mrs. Reihanh Abolfathi

104-                     Mrs Zahra Keshwarz Heidari

105-                     Mrs. Zahra Rasekhi

106-                     Mrs. Hajar syafi

107-                     Mrs. Farideh Faiaazi

108-                     Mrs. Leila Wakili

109-                     Mrs. Soghra Montazeri

110-                     Mrs. Mariam Mozonzadeh

111-                     Mrs. Zeinab Abolfathi

112-                     Mrs. Farkhondeh Shabani

113-                     Mrs. Narges Kazemini Broujerdi

114-                     Mrs. Simin wahidgharavi

115-                     Mr.Ing.  Mosavi khoeini

116-                     Mr. Dr. Saeid Masouri

117-                     Mr. Keyvan Rafiei

118-                     Mr. Ahmad Batebi

119-                     Mr. Kianoush Sanjari

120-                     Mr. Ayatolah  Hosein Kazemini Broujerdi

121-                     Mr. Dr. Keyvan Ansari

122-                     Mr. Abolfazl Jahandar

123-                     Mr. Kheirolah Drakhshandi

124-                     Mr. Mazan

125-                     Mr. Abdolah Almansouri



We are deeply concerned about the health of the persons mentioned above because of the everyday psychological and physical torture.

Please support the Iranian Political Prisoners!

Please ask the Iranian Regime about arrested People on Sunday morning, October 8th,


Thank You for Your Cooperation


For International Deliverer Committee for Iranian


Mojab Seyed Yoosef


Vienna -16.10.2006


WUK – Währingerstr. 59

1090 Vienna



Copy an : International Red Cross, Human Right watch,…